Colombian Sergio Nicolas Roncancio Rodriguez (sergionicr) premieres ‘Paradise’, his most chilled-out song from his album ‘Harmony’

April 23 02:13 2022
Colombian Sergio Nicolas Roncancio Rodriguez (sergionicr) premieres 'Paradise', his most chilled-out song from his album 'Harmony'

Sergio Nicolas Roncancio Rodriguez, who was born in Bogotá, Colombia on October 3rd, 1990 is also known by his alias “Sergionicr” or simply “Sergio”.  He is a composer, internet celebrity, creator of Instagram content, and also a creator onTwitter. The content of all the platforms is based on music, travel, lifestyle, and memes. He is now a social media content creator mainly on Instagram and Twitter.

Content creation for any medium may appear simple, but it takes a lot of time and effort. Developing content for social media requires good planning as well as the correct tools, whether it’s creating the perfect Instagram image or composing an engaging tweet.

A person who creates and uploads content to social media networks is known as a social content creator. They may do it for entertainment or as part of their employment as a professional content creator, often known as an influencer. A content creator is a person who develops visually appealing and motivating content for audiences. The content they develop can be instructive, or it might just be entertaining enough to pique the interest of any visitor or passerby who hasn’t previously been interested in your company. However, after reading the information, people became interested and went to your website or social media accounts. A good idea can have a big impact on an audience, creating leads for your business and drawing additional clients through the information you display. It is impressive how these content makers leverage their ideas to change a user’s purchasing power.

Eight years have passed since Sergio made the leap as a Twitter user by launching a channel with several friends.

Some people wonder who is behind his success. Since most of the universe is connected to their mobile phones, ordinary people have had the opportunity to become recognized and famous thanks to social networks. This is the case of Sergio, who started out as a Twitter user and then migrated to Instagram and is now being treated like a celebrity.

He started in the artistic medium almost by accident, when in 2017 he started uploading travel photos and videos on Instagram, despite the fact that since childhood he liked this world and exploring the world.

From that moment, his social networks took off in such a way that today he accumulates about 700 thousand followers on the aforementioned digital platform.

In addition to this, Sergionicr has participated in different projects with brands, television channels, and advertising guidelines. For his part, he has also served as a host for Nickelodeon awards.

For more information, see sergionicr on Instagram or @sergirodriguz on Twitter

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