Promotes Strategies for Approaching Expired Listing Leads

April 26 02:39 2022 Promotes Strategies for Approaching Expired Listing Leads

Obtaining an expired listing means having the opportunity to make a seller’s dream come to life. Before one can create this magical situation for a seller, though, one will need to find the right leads and know how to approach the experience. 

Understand one’s Audience 

A seller with an expired listing is likely already frustrated, so by going in knowing and acknowledging the circumstances, one can provide this individual with a boost of confidence. One might read this article, “Expired Listing vs. Withdrawn Listing: What’s the Difference?” and the answer is that with an expired listing, the current homeowner still wants to sell the property. A withdrawn listing occurs when a seller wants the listing removed. That means when one is working with expired listings one will be helping people who are still eager to sell their properties. 

Know one’s Limitations

Listings can expire for a variety of reasons. The flaw might have been with the previous real estate agent, or the neighborhood may be experiencing a decline in sales. Another possibility is that the property simply isn’t in the right shape to be listed at this time. Know what one’s limitations are. Accept listings that one feels confident in handling. Don’t set up false hopes and expectations for sellers who are already struggling. When one has questions about the process, don’t hesitate to learn more

Work with Professionals

For example, according to, the smart plan is to work with professionals to help discover the right listings. For example, one might be an expert in a certain neighborhood or one may have experience selling specific types of houses or properties. Consulting with a professional can help in narrowing down the possibilities and connecting one with the right client when it comes to expired listing leads. 

Investigate the Listing

After being connected with the right client, examine the reasons why the listing might have expired in the first place. Espresso Agent notes the importance of carefully crafting listings, and one will want to do so when the listing becomes theirs. In order to accomplish this task, revisions may need to be made to the original listing. It’s also possible that the property is in need of other upgrades. Be both gentle and honest with one’s new client. Keep in mind that they’ve already had a rough start with selling their property.

Make an Honest Plan

A client has already encountered unfulfilled promises on the journey toward selling their property, which is how they ended up in a situation with an expired listing. Make a realistic plan with this individual for getting the property sold. For example, if one becomes the listing agent during a slow season for sales in the neighborhood, let the client know this information. One might even have a conversation about waiting a few more weeks to put the property back on the market. 

Procuring expired listings is a goal that one has set for themselves. This goal is a noble one, particularly because one has the opportunity to step in and help sellers who are struggling to reach their real estate goals. Knowing how to approach the situation and understanding the client are two important parts of success on this journey. 

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