Dr. RJ Jackson is a leadership and success coach who has coached more teenagers than anybody to achieve their goals throughout life.

April 26 03:18 2022
Dr. RJ Jackson is the number one teen life coach in the country. He got that from coaching more teenagers than anybody is, as he has coached over 5000 teenagers, with over a 97% success rate.


California – April 25th, 2022 – Success coaching is not an easy job, and it requires an immense amount of dedication, especially in the case of teenagers, to help people achieve their desired goals. While there are many guides and how-tos for new parents, parents often find themselves lacking the skills needed to help their teenage son or daughter by the time their children reach adolescence. Instead of giving them happiness and confidence, that can make the teenage years frustrating for both parents and teens. 

This is where coaching comes in. It can help teenagers in many ways, including bettering their problem-solving abilities, building greater self-confidence, and most importantly helping them reach the most of their full potential. 

Dr RJ Jackson is one of the few certified Teen Life Coaches in the US. He helps teenagers develop their confidence so that they can reach higher levels of success and happiness. Dr. RJ Jackson has eight years of experience coaching more than 5000 teens to be the best that they can be in their personal and professional lives. 

He stands out from other teenage life coaches because he provides more than just coaching; he also mentors teenagers. When working with him, he will teach people/teens how to get more out of their relationships with their family, friends, colleagues, and mates. They will learn how to transform their life by following his advice on becoming the best version of themselves that they can be. 

In addition to being an expert at helping people find success in their personal lives, Dr. RJ Jackson specializes in transforming teenagers into leaders who are capable of achieving great things in their professional lives as well. 

“I am an Orthodontist, but I have transitioned to become a teen life coach. I’ve been coaching teenagers for many years. Thankfully, I think the way I made a name for myself is probably by the number of teenagers I coached”, explains RJ Jackson, “I’m the number one teen life coach in the country. And the way I got that is mainly from two things. One, I’m coaching more teenagers than anybody that is coaching teenagers. I’ve coached over 5000 teenagers, and I have over a 97% success rate”. 

According to Dr. RJ Jackson, it is vital to understand the teenage mind, when coaching teenagers. Just the way He connects with them, the skills that he learned from UT life coaching, and the gifts that Ihe believes he received from God, That combination helps DR. RJ to be extremely successful with teenagers. What excites him most about his job as a teen coach right now is the impact that he is having on teenagers.  

Dr. RJ Jackson is at a point in his coaching career where he is certifying other coaches. So he is teaching other people how to coach teenagers with a vision to impact a generation.

About Dr. RJ Jackson 

Dr. RJ. is a certified teen life coach. As an orthodontist, he is an expert on smiles, and his passion is to help teens crest smiles on the inside. When he noticed that many of his teen patients were unhappy, he decided he had to do more than crest smiles on the outside. So he became a life coach specifically for teenagers. As a life coach for over 8 years, he has coached more than 5000 teenagers and been able to help them get everything they want, desire, hope, and dream.

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