Cryptonian Punks: The Coolest NFT Collection Till Date

April 26 03:34 2022

NFTs have been a rage in recent years with the market value rising to an all-time high. And going by the recent trends, the storm doesn’t seem to die down any time soon. As per estimates, the market is expanding exponentially and should touch a whopping $21 billion in 2022. Art has always been something that both inspired and attracted people, and unique digital art just got the world crazy about it.

If you too collect cool NFTs or value creativity, Cryptonian Punks is for you. It proves what a creative set of ideas could achieve in the NFT ecosystem. With there being so much untapped potential in the industry, there’s a lot to gain and very little to lose here.

Created by Lazy Crazy Labs, Cryptonian Punks is a group of 10,000 beings living in the Cryptonian Land. These are minted as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. All the Cryptonian characters are unique, with each having different facial features, color tone, hairstyle, and accessories. Also, there are various body types, some rarer than others. And when it comes to NFTs, the rarer, the better.

To make things more interesting, NFT holders get a chance to create and distribute derivates apart from holding an animated GIF file. But, don’t go just by that! There’s a lot more to Cryptonian Punks than you could imagine.

First, everyone who owns a Cryptonian Punk becomes a part of the community and gets a say in the decision-making regarding the future of the project. They are already working on some great ideas, but if you have one that could revolutionize the game, here’s your chance of making it big in the NFT ecosystem.

Also, the income generated from the sale of NFTs will be utilized as per the decisions taken by the community. There is a voting system in place when it comes to crucial decisions so that the interests of all the stakeholders are taken care of.

Second, 3000 early adopters will get airdrops containing Cyrptonian Voxels, which can be used in any Voxel Metaverse or Sandbox as a reward. 

Besides, they are working on various other projects to improve and further expand the Cryptonian Punk ecosystem, and make it profitable. Punks Vault, one of these projects, is based on the idea of creating 3D punks that can be used in the metaverse and even in P2E games as a character. Also in line is Merch, an online store where they will be selling cool and exciting stuff to their fans.

Another aspect that makes them stand out from the crowd is the plan to donate $70,000 to different charities, once all the NFTs are sold. And the charities too will be decided by the community.

At Cryptonian Punks, it is the community that matters, and given the way they operate based on collective decision-making, this could be your only chance to be there right from the start.

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