When it comes to finding high-end designer fashion, few brands compare to CHANCOS, the one perfect luxury fashion brand for Vietnamese women.

May 17 17:00 2022
CHANCOS is a high-end designer fashion brand that has been gaining a lot of popularity in Vietnam over the past few years. With its unique blend of Vietnamese culture and international style, CHANCOS is sure to appeal to both traditional and modern women alike.


As one of the first luxury fashion brands in Vietnam, Chancos has been rapidly growing in popularity among Vietnamese women. With its distinctly modern and international style, Chancos offers a unique and stylish option for High fashion. The brand converges all the quintessence of the nation combined with a modern and international style. That makes Chancos a unique choice for stylish Vietnamese women who want to look and feel their best. 

CHANCOShas confidently become a high-class brand for all Vietnamese women. That is because; unlike other luxury brands that only cater to a select few, Chancos offers fashion products at very affordable prices, making them accessible to virtually everyone in Vietnam. 

“At CHANCOS, we believe that Style makes the difference and that luxury should be accessible to all. Our brand values reflect this belief by emphasizing authenticity, quality, and style”, said the representative of Chancos Team, “We aim to provide our customers with unique and timeless pieces that will make them look and feel their best.”

Chancos is the perfect place for Vietnamese women to find a luxurious and fashionable clothing brand that truly represents their heritage and culture. The high-quality materials, meticulous design, the products are handcrafted by artisans up to hundreds of hours, and state-of-the-art manufacturing process make CHANCOS the go-to choice for discerning women everywhere. Whether looking for an elegant evening gown or a comfortable daywear outfit, one can be sure that Chancos has something special to offer. 


The quality of CHANCOS’s products is second to none. The brand’s designers have years of experience working in some of the world’s most prestigious fashion houses, so one can be sure that every garment they choose to purchase from Chancos has been carefully designed and crafted with care. 

Chancos team is a native of Vietnam who has over 20 years of fashion experience and as art members and directors for top international luxury brands. They always work seriously with the desire to create a unique style suitable for each customer because each one is born with a difference. CHANCOS’s motto is ‘don’t try to sell but help customers buy’ so that one can still be themselves but in a better, more classy version. CHANCOS wishes that the ladies and gentlemen will always be radiant and shining anytime, anywhere, even in their own homes. So that when customers come to CHANCOS, the team of fashion experts would be always there to help select the best-fit pieces.  

Chancos collections are inspired by the latest trends and fashion trends from around the world, but they ensure that each piece is adapted specifically to Vietnamese culture. This ensures that their customers can enjoy Classy exclusive design and the luxuries of high-end designer fashion without having to break the bank. The brand also offers a wide range of customization options for their customers, so they can create an outfit that perfectly fits their own unique personality. 


CHANCOS– High-end designer fashion brand. Chancos is the first luxury fashion brand in Vietnam. CHANCOS converges all the quintessence of the nation combined with a modern and international style. Chancos confidently become a high-class brand for all Vietnamese women. 

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