Renowned author Jennifer Toth talks about emerging from darkness in her book “Dark to Light: Struggle of a Manic-Depressive”

May 19 15:21 2022
Jennifer Toth brings an inspiring book about her battle with manic depression – from all the episodes of madness and loneliness she’s experienced to finally seeing both Hope and Light amidst all the darkness.

Renowned author Jennifer Toth is taking readers on a journey from the dark side of the illness, into the embrace of fellow sufferers and the hope the light brings through her incredible book, “Dark to Light: Struggle of a Manic-Depressive” now available in leading digital stores globally.

“Dark to Light” zooms into the journey of a woman through episodes of madness, loneliness, darkness, and even despair of suffering from manic depression. This mental health disease makes an individual open to depressive episodes as well as manic ones.

Also called bipolar disorder, people with manic depression experience periods of depression or mania. Jennifer opens “Dark to Light: Struggle of a Manic-Depressive” with impressive poetry and prose that lead readers to the sufferings faced by a person diagnosed with manic depression. 

As readers go through the pages, they get to immerse into this darkness: how this mental health condition results in mood swings from “highs” to “lows” and how it affects her relationships with family and friends.

However, Jennifer Toth takes readers to the brighter side: how she began seeing the light at the end of the tunnel – where she learned that she is not alone in this battle and that by sticking together with others caught in the same bondage as her, she can finally see both hope and light amidst all the darkness.

Jennifer Toth, in an interview, said she wrote the book, so people are aware that they are not alone in this battle. 

“I also wrote it, so people with this illness know that there is always hope. Never, ever give up,” she adds.

Through her suffering, Jennifer Toth is able to learn the significance of her God-given life and so starts the rise out of her pit. 

She sought help from family and peers which brought her to the realization that it is important to get support as she walks towards the path of healing and acceptance.

The book adds, “Rising out of the Dark, she walks boldly into the light with a new perspective on life and herself. She learns to focus on beauty as a weapon against the darkness. She finally comes to a place where she can find peace and gratitude to God.”

Jennifer Toth herself describes “Dark to Light: Struggle of a Manic-Depressive” as a fantastic journey from the embrace of darkness into the warmth of the light.

Jennifer Toth is an American poet who loves to write, be in nature, enjoy time with her husband and friends, eat a ton of sushi, and enjoy all things creative. She has been writing poetry since the age of sixteen to cope with her grandfather’s passing.

Those who want to grab a copy of “Dark to Light: Struggle of a Manic-Depressive” may purchase it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Book Depository

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