Welcome to The Rebrand Creative Agency: Channeling main character energy to rewrite brand stories

May 19 15:24 2022
“Unlocking hidden brand potential and cultivating leaders by building visual roadmaps in brand design!”

Kayla Life, the rebrand strategist, is thrilled to help brands unlock their hidden potential by highlighting the power of an effectively executed brand management and rebrand strategy. “I created The Rebrand Creative Agency, aka Rebrand Land, as a space where I can let all of my talents shine cohesively while creating spaces for other black women to shine as the MAIN character of their story.”

Rebrand Creative Agency is a dynamic digital development and marketing company that helps businesses discover their hidden powers and cultivates leaders. To nurture brands, the company leverages data-driven and research-based branding, marketing, technology, and online communication services. As a black-owned business, Rebrand Creative Agency has a soft spot for minority small businesses and nonprofits.

“In Rebrand Land, we teach our clients how to relive life as the MAIN character in their story by living outside of the box with the power of technology and mental stability. No more piecing your brand together; Rebrand Land is a one-stop-shop for building the brand you deserve.”

The Rebrand Creative Agency was formerly known as KKSQ; however, KKSQ Tech Creative Corporation now serves as a source of educational resources for serial entrepreneurs. Kayla explains that the goal is to provide coaching, mentoring, and support to black-owned, women-led businesses. “As a Black-owned, women-led nonprofit, we believe expression is our greatest feature. Through the power of technology and social, emotional practices, we aim to educate communities in the STEM fields while creating systems for impact, growth, and change.”

Led by a master innovator and manic creative, Kayla Life, Rebrand Creative Agency also focuses on women empowerment. As a serial entrepreneur, Kayla understands what it takes to grow a business to its full strength, especially in the digital age. Crafting rebrand strategies that give businesses a high-quality digital presence and media attention is a joy to Kayla. “As an educator, my greatest feeling was watching my scholars accomplish something they never knew they could. As The Rebrand Strategist, I get the same feeling watching women view themselves in a light they have always deserved to be. It’s that moment during the Rebrand when they say, ‘WOW, I deserve this, this is for me.’ So Yes, main character, Look at YOU! It’s time to step into the spotlight as the STAR!”

Rebrand Land is heavily invested in technology and technological advances, ensuring to catch the latest and most beneficial for growth and success. All services are customized to clients to provide a unique, tailored approach for each business.

Rebrand Land is where brands need to be to realize their strengths and pursue them. The Rebrand Creative Agency offers a broad range of services to build a brand’s visual roadmap, including – Rebrand design and strategy, Social Media Management, Web and App Development, Book Publishing, CRM implementation and setup, AI technology, and more. “We spend our days researching more ways to set our clients apart from the competition.”

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