Wei Liu To Host The Second Edition Of A Multisensory Experience NYC

May 23 22:40 2022
Passionate visual artist and wine lover, Wei Liu, announces plans for the second edition of “A Multisensory Experience NYC,” as she unites humanity through arts and fine wines, and good taste

Wei Liu hosted the inaugural edition of A Multisensory Experience-AMSE NYC in March 2022 with the goal of bringing something to life that embraces humanly multitudes and unites multiple areas together in a conceptually meaningful way. The first edition of the event, which is the first of an ongoing series that follows the Equinox cycle was held on March 20th, 2022, with plans to hold the next AMSE NYC on September 25th, 2022

My vision is to have an event that brings in people that enjoy things of good taste from different walks of life in my multisensory experience-focused event that will elevate your experiences in 2022 by engaging their senses through a combination of wine, spirits, food, fashion, arts, and a strong network of exciting people. My focus is on creating memorable moments that are conceptually meaningful, artistically integrated, and highly engaging.” – Wei Liu.

A Multisensory Experience NYC was created to bridge brilliant visual artists with the world of fine food, wines, spirits, etc. To put the artistic creations as the center of action, not just on the walls. and the inaugural event did extremely well in this regard, featuring the likes of vivacious artist Beatrice Drouhin, Half Figurative Artist; colorful artist Fernando Silva, Contemporary Impressionist; and illuminating artist Mr. John Wright, Neo-Expressionist. Collaborating with Designer Karli Shea from the Jason Wu House to create unique dress pieces as canvas; and inviting artist Silva as the featured artist to paint on them live during event. Wei takes attendees on a time travel from the era of inspiration for the featured artist, from 1890-1902 impressionism to the contemporary period through precise curation of food, wine, spirit, and musical selections. In partnership with Venü Magazine, Golf Kitchen Magazine, and Launch global Media, Marshallberg Caviars, and Chef Maria Loi. Other names at event includes Opera Singer Laura Hollis, Maison Joseph Drouhin, Champagne Drappier, Macallan Single Malt Scotch, Diplomatico Rum, Tornatore Winery, J Vineyards, Pieropan Winery, Bodvar Rosé house, were also present.

Wei Liu brings her diverse background as an artist who has been in the wine/spirits/and events business space for the last ten years to bear and will be looking to take it a notch higher in the second edition of A Multisensory Experience NYC to create another electrifying evening.

The event was a 360 immersive experience from the visual elements to the wine pairings. I loved being able to speak with artists about their work while simultaneously watching another artist paint a dress- it was a full-scale demonstration of creation and appreciation all in one,” said Oliva Marcus, Fashion Writer & Social Media Expert with 140K+ followers.

Wei’s Multisensory Experience brought together the best of multiple artistic worlds, making the event more than the sum of its parts, even where the individual parts were strong to begin with. Wei’s vision showcased the complimentary aspects of art, food, wine, music, and fashion in a way that seemed both fresh yet grounded in history and tradition.” Joshua K. Leader, Partner, Leader Berkon Colao & Silverstein LLP.

“Wei has a tremendous vision, not only with AMSE NY, but to empower all those that she works with.” Diana DeLucia, President, Golf Kitchen.

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