Black Series’ Tips for RV-ing with Dogs

May 24 03:28 2022

Summer is on its way, which means many families are gearing up to take off on a road trip in their Black Series travel trailers. But what about the family dog? Since a family isn’t a family without the beloved pooch, it makes sense that they come along. 

So, whether the fur baby loves hopping in the car or is embarking on their first-ever summer family holiday, the tips Black Series has provided below will ensure a safe and happy adventure for all.

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Before Hitting the Road

There are a few essential things to do first before piling the entire family and the pup into one of Black Series’ off grid trailers. So, let’s look:

ID Update

Ensure the pup’s identification documentation is up to date. Firstly, check that their collar tag reads all the correct and relevant information. Additionally, ensure that the collar the tag is attached to is the right size and in excellent working order. 

Further, travelers may want to take the extended precaution of having their pet microchipped since collars can snag on branches or fall off. Another option to consider is adding a tracking device to the dog’s collar. Not only does this make it simple to find the pup quickly should they go missing, but it provides peace of mind.

Visit the Vet

If travelers intend to hit the road for more than just a weekend, having the family dog checked out at their vet before the trip is wise. Since all animals must be up to date on their shots and have the relevant documentation to prove it, a pre-trip visit to the veterinarian is always advisable. 

Further, if the pup is on prescription medication, getting a refill to ensure they have sufficient medication for the trip is the best practice. 

Another handy tip is to get together a small first-aid kit for the pup to store on the Black Series overland trailer in case of emergencies. Again, a vet can advise what to add to the kit and where to get the supplies. Additionally, some pets may need sedatives for extended periods of travel, so make sure to check in with the vet about this too.

Practice Makes Perfect

Whether the dog is used to hitting the road in a Black Series off road camper trailer or this is their first time, practicing with them is highly beneficial. As a result, it is always best to start training a few weeks before the trip. 

For instance, teach the pup where they will sleep, how to hop on and off the camper trailer so they don’t feel scared, teach them to use the bathroom outdoors as they would at home, and how to walk using the leash, collar, and outerwear they will use on the trip. All of this will keep the pup happy and relaxed while traveling.

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Planning the RV Trip

Before setting off, there are a few other things to consider when choosing stops, camping areas, and destinations. Below are a few tips for planning a trip with a pet.

Pet-Friendly Destinations

Whether the trip is designed to have a few stops or a short distance to the destination, ensuring these places welcome dogs is necessary. Imagine arriving only to find the location is not dog-friendly and scrambling to find another place to stay.

Further, if state parks and hikes are part of the itinerary, ensure the pup is allowed on these premises and that the planned hikes are within their capabilities.

Map Out the Nearest Vets and Emergency Animal Hospitals

Create a list of the veterinarians and vet hospitals along the way, and include the relevant telephone numbers and addresses or GPS coordinates. Should the pup become unwell along the trip, this can be life-saving. Further, take along the number for the ASPCA or a pet poison control service in case the dog eats something poisonous along the way.

Pup-Friendly Provisions

Before setting out, pack all the dog’s favorite items, a comfy bed or blanket, a warm jersey, their food and water bowls, and some of their best toys. Not only will this keep them occupied, but it also helps them to settle in more quickly. Further, don’t forget to pack apparel for cooler weather, a towel should they end up wet, their leash, collar, and the first aid kit.

On the Trip

With all the prep that has been done, there should be little left to consider. However, here are a few tips to keep the family dog happy on their Black Series offroad trailer adventure:

Keep the Pup Safe

It is imperative to keep the dog healthy, happy, and safe along the road trip. Firstly, ensure they always have sufficient water, both on the camper trailer and outdoor adventures. A collapsible water bowl is simple to pop in a backpack and will help keep the dog hydrated on hikes and trail walks. 

Additionally, travelers intending to take their pups kayaking, fishing, or swimming should provide the dog with a life jacket. As with people, dogs, too, can fall off boats and drown.

Further, a pair of booties to protect the dog’s feet are also helpful along more rugged trails and prevent injuries to the soft pads under their feet.

Lastly, never leave the dog on its own. Firstly, this may be scary for them. Further, dogs sniffing about on their own in the wilderness could encounter wildlife or other elements that could be hazardous to them. Additionally, they may end up lost or find their way onto a busy road. 

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Mind Others

When in a campsite or around other people keep the pup on a leash. Not everyone enjoys dogs and some people may be fearful. Additionally, other pet owners may be in the vicinity with their dogs. Keeping the pup on the leash will prevent any skirmishes or issues.

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Final Thoughts

Traveling in a Black Series RV with the entire family, including the pup, can be fun. While it takes a bit of planning and preparation, road trips with the pup can be memorable. So, take the family for a trip of a lifetime in a Black Series RV.

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