“Family being a safe haven is a ruse” – An Ideology Propagated by Society

June 01 17:18 2022
"Family being a safe haven is a ruse" - An Ideology Propagated by Society
Tears Behind My Smile by Jannette Blair
No matter how many times you have been played, manipulated, wronged, or taken for granted, one must not look back and cry over the losses. Instead, they should take a fresh start with the broken pieces of the past.

Life is a canvas, and the more paint we throw on it, the darker it becomes. Eventually, it turns a thick layer of black. Jannette Blair had a similar approach to life. To bring colors into the lives of others. Little did she know the hues of love she showered were nothing but an invitation for people to treat her with disrespect and abuse. She knew she had to stay steadfast and keep her head high in the sky. If she was to create the power to spend that time patiently, there was nothing in the entire world that could break her. One should depend upon God only because when they speak about their misfortunes and worries in front of God, He helps them in undefined ways.

“There are two approaches to living life. One can either live happily or keep whining about their problems.”

Jannette Blair is a strong woman who has been through the most challenging situations since childhood. Abandonment was a word, she was too familiar with. For everyone in her life left her, except her sister, grandmother, and some of her high-school friends. Since childhood, she never had the luxury of having relationships brimming with love and respect, and this somehow took a toll on her mind. Despite the avalanche of negativities propelled towards her, still, she turned out to be a bright star.

She had a list of unsuccessful relationships, and there was a time she considered herself the toxic person in everyone’s life. But the moment she made her connection strong with the Lord, she was lifted rather beautifully. Not all the things were settled for her, but with time and the support of the Lord, she dared to question everyone and everything, which made her feel small or hurt her feelings. No matter what she went through in her life, she did not give up, which made her strong throughout her journey.

This is the first volume of the book, “Tears Behind My Smile,” based on the girl’s autobiography, who had been through the worst days and still stood steadfast like a queen. She had been mistreated by her loved ones and taken advantage of by the people she had trusted the most.

The entire book revolves around her journey in which she saw people’s real colors in her time of need. Although her life-long lessons tore her into pieces, she still learned from them; instead of becoming the victim of everything. Everyone in her surroundings doubted her for not being strong enough and fighting the demons in her life. She managed to prove all of them wrong and became the best version of herself. Whomsoever she trusted always betrayed and wronged her. Thus, she started to be herself and stayed away from everyone who claimed to love or look after her. This book is a ray of hope for hundreds, even thousands, of people, who don’t feel motivated enough to live another year, cherish another day, or take another breath.

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