Jakcub Anthonnie Young Announces the Release of an Edgy New Book, “Alpha Rising”

June 01 20:15 2022
Jakcub Anthonnie Young Announces the Release of an Edgy New Book, "Alpha Rising"
Jakcub Young Releases a Captivating Story That takes a Fresh Stance on Villainy in His Edgy New Spin on an Old Classic

USA – Alpha Rising is a young adult fiction book that takes a completely different turn from the average werewolf category. This fantasy novel is the first in its series and is laden with suspense as it twists around the story of a girl, Jacqueline, who must conquer the odds that begin to fill her life. An average girl just starting college, Jacqueline sees that she is not like any average student. When she begins to notice changes in herself, she knows that something isn’t right and this is confirmed after she comes across a boy who may be able to help her. Could she actually be turning into a werewolf as the legend goes? Now, as all the secrets come spiraling down, Jacqueline must understand how to successfully plan her course through life. Using his love for creative flair, Jakcub Anthonnie has written a story that’s not your average werewolf fantasy.

He uses his unique writing style to ensure readers get a taste of adventure and embark on a journey they’ll never forget. He aims to create a new stance on the characters’ lives, changing the way villains are often perceived in books. Through a suspenseful plot, Jakcub keeps readers at the edge of their seat. 

Author Jakcub Anthonnie Young is a former firefighter who relied on his writing skills developed since he was in seventh grade. He used it as a coping mechanism for being bullied and made sure it was the tool to negate the negative impact on his life. He is the first in his immediate family to graduate high school and now has written Alpha Rising.  

Jakcub’s book is available for purchase on Amazon and Google Play Books. Read more about Jakcub and his life on: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B1C985VN

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