Lion’s Mane Powder Regarded as a Brainpower-Booster and Immunity Improver Sold by Malama Mushrooms of Hawaii

June 02 02:27 2022
For centuries, Lion’s Mane mushroom has enjoyed an excellent reputation as a superfood amongst the people of India, China, and Japan. Today, its positive effects are being experienced by people worldwide. Malama Mushrooms sells lion’s mane powder and other mushroom powder extracts for healthful living.

According to announcements released by Malama Mushrooms and Benjamin Lillibridge, Lion’s Mane powder sold by this business is a USDA-certified organic therapeutic substance that improves cognitive abilities and boosts immunity. Users have reported a reduced dependence on allopathic medicines. Dried Lion’s Mane powder sold by Malama Mushrooms is made from mushrooms grown by this business under ideal conditions.

The product does not contain starch or other fillers, and buyers are assured of a pure product that offers great value for their money.

Dried Lion’s Mane mushroom for sale at Malama Mushrooms blends well with tea, coffee, and many other drinks for a tasty brain revitalizer. People have reported positive changes in their lives within two weeks of consuming Lion’s Mane powder. Even over a short period, regular use improves memory and focus and helps combat anxiety.

Malama Mushrooms backs its sales with excellent customer service. Its Instagram page is popular with those who have experienced the goodness of mushrooms.

These mushrooms get their name from their appearance. They resemble a lion’s mane. Historically, these mushrooms have enjoyed the confidence of users in Asia who have been privy to their therapeutic properties. Now, the West is gaining awareness of these health-boosting fungi that can reduce dependence on medicine that is often expensive and can also be addictive.

User reviews on the business’s website are insightful and point to the difference that dried Lion’s Mane extract shipped by Malama Mushrooms has made to the lives of many people.

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Benjamin Lillibridge of Malama Mushrooms said, “For millennia, humans have employed mushrooms for their medicinal benefits. The ancient Egyptians referred to them as “the herb of immortality.” They are not only healthy, but they also contain medical properties that qualify them as “functional meals.” This word may apply to up to 50% of edible mushrooms, implying that they may provide health advantages and essential nourishment. Humans, believe it or not, are related to mushrooms, and we have been ingesting the vital compounds found in these fungi for so long that our bodies have become dependent on them.

With a growing body of scientific studies emerging on mushrooms like Lion’s Mane for helping cognition & nerve growth and Reishi for stress & immunity, what potential benefits could be found in the remaining 93% undiscovered species? I intend to find out via our non-profit, the Hawaii Fungi Project.

Malama Mushrooms is a family-owned, superfood mushroom company based in Kona, Hawaii. Our mission is to share the health & wellness benefits of superfood mushrooms with the world. This delicious blend is the perfect addition to coffee, tea, smoothies, and breakfast bowls. Our Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract is cultivated on wood, dried, powdered, & steam extracted for three hours to ensure bioavailability and ease of absorption.”

About the Company:

Malama Mushrooms is a family-owned, superfood mushroom company based in Kona, Hawaii. Our mission is to share the health & wellness benefits of superfood mushrooms with the world. ‘Malama’ is the Hawaiian word for protecting, preserving, and nurturing. This serves as the standard for all that we do at Malama Mushrooms.

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