Fairingo – A Digital Platform Designed to Locate Trade Fairs and Exhibitions in Just a Click.

June 03 13:26 2022

Trade fairs offer great opportunities for networking and bringing business growth for the traders. Fairingo, a platform first of its kind is helping people to find and participate trade fairs in their proximity, while also providing services like stand fitters and booking of translators. Fairingo allows the visitor and the different subjects involved in the exhibition sector to be able to enjoy a platform capable of satisfying every need related to the exhibition sector.

At Fairingo, one can search trade fairs, exhibitions, and expos using different filters based on Trade Fair Date, Industry, and Location. These filters make the search very convenient and easy. The platform offers expert translator services in every location, one just needs to reel in their specifics and search. Fairingo features expert stand-building companies, which the businessmen and traders can hire for setting up their stands in the trade expo they participate in. 

Fairingo was founded by Federico Addimando, CEO of the Addimando Consulting Group and other successful ventures. Federico has had a successful career in the trade fair sector and he founded Fairingo to provide a digital platform capable of simplifying and making the services offered to operators in the sector and visitors, more functional. 

“Fairingo is the first platform in the world able to offer all services in the field of trade fairs. From the booking of trade fairs, translators, and stand builders, to the booking of hotels and flights. Be it the search for trade fairs, booking of translators, or the fitters of stands, all services are generally entrusted to third parties or to companies that act as intermediaries, without allowing the customer to be able to independently manage his business path, or visit, at the fair. Fairingo is here to change that by providing a more accessible platform to traders and businessmen to participate in the biggest of trade expos around the world”, quoted Federico Addimando.

Trade fairs and exhibitions serve as the most effective tool for networking in the B2B area as they act as a medium to bridge the gap between potential suppliers and buyers by bringing them in contact and information sharing. Fairingo, with its innovative technology and ideas in the trade fair, expos and exhibition market, is trying to bring in a necessary change by cutting the role of third parties and making the trade scenario easier.

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEb3D1za5kQ

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