Endurance Automotive Network announces the release of their Protection X3 System

June 03 18:07 2022
Endurance Automotive Network announces the release of their Protection X3 System
Endurance Automotive Network Comprises a Network of Shops in the United States and Canada that Specializes in Providing Presold Bundled Automotive Protection Services To Auto Care Shops That are Registered Within Its Network

Endurance Automotive Network, a network of auto care shops in the United States and Canada announced today, the release of its’ Protection X3 System, which specializes in providing pre-sold bundled automotive protection services to auto care shops that are registered with its network.

The Protection X3 System from Endurance Automotive Network provides pre-sold auto care packages. These packages include; window tinting, paint protection filming (AKA PPF, AKA clear bra), ceramic paint coating, ceramic window coating, ceramic fabric protection, door edge protection, and headlight protection.

Endurance Automotive Networks affirms that its network of professional auto care shops provides its services at a zero interest rate and helps automotive consumers save up to 50% of the amount they would be charged at a dealership. The automotive network mentions that its network of carefully selected auto care shops provides equal professional services that dealerships offer. Only premium services are offered by the best hands and consumers get value for their money.

Endurance Automotive adds that its Protective X3 System prevents auto care shops from underselling their services to dealerships and helps accelerate their growth and profit due to the constant inflow of pre-sold bundled packages provided.

Korey Ferguson, the founder of Endurance Automotive Network adds, “I know what these shops are going through on a daily basis. I owned an install shop for 5 years and I have had time behind the squeegee. It’s tough to run a small business and bringing these bundled services into these small shops helps accelerate their growth, create jobs, and save consumers money at the same time.”

Endurance Automotive Network mentions that it has the best interest of the consumer and business owner and ensures that both parties benefit from its Protective X3 System. Furthermore, the automotive network adds that consumers stand to save thousands of dollars and business owners gain increased profit. It’s a win-win for both parties.

“I started this business because I saw a need on both the consumer side and the small business installer. Using our bundled service reduces the cost for the consumer and brings more business away from the dealerships into small businesses around the US.” – said Ferguson

The automotive network company maintains that it works with a state-of-the-art team of twenty-five marketing experts and proprietary marketing algorithms to connect with new vehicle shoppers before they contact dealerships thereby garnering more bundled automotive packages for the auto care shops in its network.

Endurance Automotive Networks asserts that it handles all payment processes and information and ensures that auto care shops within its network receive its payment. All the business owners have to do is schedule the appointment, complete the work, and allow Endurance Automotive Network to handle the rest.

Any auto care shop owner who is interested in joining the Endurance Automotive Network as one of the shops within its network can apply to be in the network at;  https://enduranceautonet.com/application/

For more information visit- https://enduranceautonet.com/

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