Healthcare Device Market To Top $960 Billion By 2030; Micro-Cap Company Wearable Health Solutions, Inc. Positions To Earn A Significant Share ($WHSI)

June 06 06:40 2022
Healthcare Device Market To Top $960 Billion By 2030; Micro-Cap Company Wearable Health Solutions, Inc. Positions To Earn A Significant Share ($WHSI)

Wearable Health Solutions, Inc. (OTC Pink: WHSI, $WHSI) may be a micro-cap stock, but don’t be fooled. This publicly-traded company is playing in the big leagues when it comes to bringing innovative and technologically advanced wearable medical devices to the markets. In fact, they could help influence a radical change in the wearable device landscape and, at the same time, earn a sizable chunk of the revenue-generating opportunity. How?

With innovative healthcare technology products and solutions that are changing the direction and pace of one of the fastest-growing markets in the medical space. That means that at roughly $0.013 a share, WHSI stock may be presenting more than an attractive investment proposition. It’s more likely a compelling one.

The bulls may be taking notice. Shares of WHSI spiked higher last week despite a series of bright red days for the small and micro-cap sector. Still, those following the WHSI story probably aren’t surprised by the bullish stance. To them, WHSI stock is appreciably undervalued, and they can point to a sum of its parts equation to justify that point. At the top of that list is an impressive stable of wearable medical monitoring devices that are easy to use, remote monitoring capable, embedded with personal emergency response systems, and adaptable, intelligent, and reliable.

In other words, they have everything a user needs to manage personal health. Not only that, this roughly penny a share stock is proving it can compete with the industry’s most prominent players with its suite of wearable devices so good that they are considered among the most advanced personal health and safety monitoring devices available.

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An Impressive Product Portfolio Targeting A Huge Market

Calling its wearables products portfolio good is an understatement. It’s been called exceptional by even the most critical reviewers. That grade likely results from WHSI’s small but powerful devices providing state-of-the-art personal security with features and functions that include tracking, fall detection, medication reminders, email and text alerts, google and amazon assistant compatibility, and programming to support any language. That’s an impressive list, but they do much more. 

Wearable Health Solutions’ compact devices also allow individuals to collect and share essential vital signs, including blood pressure, oxygen levels, and temperature, in real-time utilizing Bluetooth technology. That’s important, especially in a sector where product quality matters more than company size. And WHSI checks that box. 

Better still, from an investor’s perspective, WHSI has laid the groundwork to capitalize on a medical wearables market offering massive revenue-generating potential today. But, as noted, with an almost $1 trillion market opportunity expected by 2030, the best for WHSI and its investors may be yet to come.

Best-In-Class Products Meet Surging Demand

In fact, that’s likely, with WHSI products meeting surging demand that is expected to ramp higher in the coming quarters. That timeliness, in turn, sets up Wearable Health Solutions, Inc. to have its most productive quarter in history. Not only that, WHSI is likely to carry considerable operating momentum into the back half of the year by maximizing new marketing and potential licensing initiatives. Also, keep in mind that even the most bullish revenue models may prove conservative. After all, patients need what WHSI is selling, and more importantly, they want it. 

And it’s that combination of excellent products meeting surging demand that should have investors excited. WHSI should be, too, with the potential to drive revenues potentially exponentially higher in its crosshairs. Also, with WHSI announcing completing the audits required to uplist, a near-term catalyst could be added to the list of value drivers in 2022. WHSI stock could be off to the races if they get that done. 

Of course, they need to reach milestones first. But as mentioned, they are well on their way to doing that. Better yet, those milestones will likely turn into catalysts. Thus, there could be several in the queue instead of one from a potential uplist filing in play. That combined potential makes WHSI attractive as a company and investment proposition. 

But what is also a factor in evaluating the opportunity through WHSI is that they are targeting demand from millions of patients who feel insecure about the ability to get adequate and timely medical care. That’s the sweet spot of opportunity, and it also helps expose and validate the value proposition.

Right products, Right Markets, Right Time 

And it can be a big one. More so with Wearable Health Solutions being potentially ahead of the competitive curve in developing and getting to the markets healthcare products and services with some of the most advanced monitoring tools available. Again, size doesn’t matter; technology does. And WHSI has some impressive stats.

For instance, its mobile health solutions utilize cutting-edge technology to provide users vital real-time information that can be seamlessly transmitted to family and healthcare providers. That capability is attractive to users because it allows for a sense of freedom for patients, with integrated device technology and transmission capabilities allowing patients to transmit data from virtually anywhere and at any time. It gets better. 

Wearable Health Solutions’ current products arsenal, and those in development, are proving to be some of the most dependable and comprehensive devices on the market, with advanced features that eliminate restrictive daily routines and provide a better quality of life. Best of all, WHSI has an enviable stable of products to make that happen and has more in development to target additional market opportunities. 

For investors, that’s excellent news. They aren’t investing in a wait-and-see proposition; they are taking advantage of a company seizing upon a massive revenue-generating opportunity with the expertise to continue growing with the markets. 

Robust Products Portfolio Drives Value

Being built to scale is an important distinction. And it could help accelerate WHSI’s mission to penetrate the lucrative markets. More importantly, keep them there. Keep in mind that prescribers want the best, most powerful, and most comprehensive tools available to assist in treating patients. In other words, if users and prescribers can benefit from a one-stop-shop of services, there is little need or desire to look elsewhere. WHSI’s iHelp Max 4G monitor may be the device to fill that need. 

Why? Because it delivers countless user-centric features that streamline the healthcare experience with its wearable monitor combining powerful software innovations and hardware technology to provide users with an all-encompassing healthcare management solution. And by integrating powerful capability into a small package, its chance of earning prescriber and user recognition is significantly increased. 

Integrating “smart” technology matters too. And WHSIs iHelp Max 4G monitor system does by bringing such technology into the world of handheld health-tracking devices. And it’s comprehensive, with the iHelp Max 4G monitor compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, able to respond to voice commands, facilitate connectivity to supporting mobile apps, and equipped with Bluetooth technology to transmit vital information in real-time. The sum of those parts makes it one of the most complete devices available. There’s still more to like.

Utilizing modern wireless technologies inherent to the iHelp Max 4G, it can measure and transmit data on the go, with additional features including GPS location, fall detection, and medication management. And with features compatible with everyday home tech, the iHelp Max 4G can be added seamlessly to existing communication technology. Many competing brands can’t say the same. Nor can they perform as well.

Another factor in WHSI’s and its iHelp Max 4G favor is that the platform opens the door to the massive opportunities in play from the still-developing telehealth market. While already an enormous market, telehealth is expected to explode higher in the coming years, especially after the COVID pandemic initiated millions of patients to the ease and value of telehealth solutions. 

Moreover, the momentum behind ushering in the next wave of adoption isn’t slowing. On the contrary, with insurance providers and physician offices pushing to make telehealth more mainstream, noting that it’s cost-effective, more efficient, and can, in most cases, accomplish the same as an office visit, the market is a multi-billion dollar segment in the making. As it is, many patients are finding they have little choice but to enroll in telehealth services today. 

Multiple Shots On Revenue Goals

Of course, telehealth is just one of the additional opportunities in the WHSI sights. WHSI is also leveraging its status as a leader in the billion-dollar medical alarm device and eHealth sector by providing products and services for healthcare applications and further developing solutions for payment, M Internet of Things (IoT), and healthcare applications. 

There’s more. WHSI is capitalizing on its experience in access control, biometric and behavior-metric identity verification, security and privacy, encryption and data protection, and sensor technologies to bring more products to the markets. Having that inherent managerial strength and development pipeline should allow WHSI to compete efficiently and effectively in an enormous market. That again helps expose an investment proposition, especially at penny prices, that is simply too compelling to ignore.

The investment thesis isn’t only about how WHSI can serve a needy market. The company is also committed to helping its dealers. That’s facilitated through its iHelp Cloud Platform, a full-service, web-based account management portal for managing all its iHelp devices. More specifically, it’s a user-friendly tool designed for WHSI dealers to help them manage their customer’s devices, cellular networks, monitoring tasks, and functionality. Thus, in addition to WHSI intending to win over users to drive growth, they also focus on establishing a loyal group of client dealers. That strategy and attentiveness can deliver meaningful and sustained revenue growth. And not just in the United States.

WHSI intends to drive shareholder value higher by providing mHealth products and services to dealers and distributors throughout the globe. And as a leader in the rapidly growing medical alarm device and eHealth sector, its innovative wearable healthcare products, tracking services, and turn-key solutions may make that happen faster than even the most optimistic investors expect. If so, that’s excellent news all around. WHSI wins, investors win, and product users can be proactive with their health and stay safe and protected any time, anywhere.

An Investment Proposition Too Good To Ignore

Thus, after combining the sum of its parts, is the WHSI investment proposition too good to ignore? A lot of investors will answer yes. And the more that learn about WHSI, the larger that group will get. Also, keep in mind that despite the past few bullish days of trading, current share prices are more than 50% lower than a month ago. Thus, it may not be a stretch to infer that WHSI may get a tailwind to the upside when the micro-cap markets strengthen. Moreover, a higher price is well-deserved. 

Not many companies serving the wearable health device markets have a product portfolio comparable to WHSI. Furthermore, many peers in the sector aren’t as appreciably undervalued based on the sum of their parts. Again, the lower share price appears to be market rather than company-specific, and, in fact, the WHSI intrinsics alone justify a significantly higher share price. Still, that’s just the intrinsic. 

The inherent potential from what’s in store for the back half of 2022 could add a multiple to an already bullish proposition. And those following or already invested in WHSI know that moves in the stock can happen quickly. And with WHSI stronger today than when its stock traded about 214% higher in April, bullish targets and even a return to 52-week highs is indeed in play. 

So, whether one is a penny stock investor or not, WHSI may be a value investment consideration able to attract the masses of the retail investor class. And positioned for exponential growth in 2022 and beyond, that attraction is not only warranted, but it’s also timely. In short, don’t value WHSI by its price but rather by its ability. And with WHSI in the right sector at the right time with the right products, this is indeed a case study in company size doesn’t matter; expertise, innovation, and products do. In that frame, Wearable Health Solutions can be a winner.


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