Dr. Omer Ekiz explains all the required information regarding Laminate Veneer and Implant Surgery

June 06 16:39 2022

Smile design with porcelain laminate veneers and implant treatments are a remarkable applications in dentistry.

Laminate Veneer and Implant treatments applied by Ekiz Clinic as Veneer Turkey Istanbul may be defined as innovative techniques in dental health. 

Oral and dental health care is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate dental and gingival problems with innovative methods. Veneer and Implant treatments are practices used for dental health. So what are these methods? And what should be said regarding the information about these two methods?

What is Laminate Veneer Treatment?

Laminate Veneer treatment is one of the most trending aesthetic dental treatment practice.

Laminate Veneers are bonded to the natural teeth surface to give it an aesthetic whiter look.

It is possible to say that many people demand Laminate Veneer method as it helps to avoid the appearance of stained and yellowed teeth.

Laminate Veneer application is performed with various steps. Porcelain veneers are attached to the surface of the natural teeth and during this process, the teeth are not abraded at all, or very little touch is done to the teeth. This type of veneer is called prepless or no-prep veneers. It is different from the classical preparation techniques. As Veneer Turkey Istanbul, the method is applied by Ekiz Clinic will enable the teeth to reach a much healthier appearance.

To Whom Is Laminate Veneer Applied?

The answer to this question can be listed as follows:

–  People with gaps between their teeth can create an aesthetic disadvantage
–  People with abraded teeth with an aesthetically unsightly appearance
–  People with minor distortions and symmetry problems in their front teeth

In general, It is possible to state that people who want to achieve a healthy smile can benefit from Laminate Veneer treatment.

What Is a Dental Implant Treatment?

Dental Implant treatment is one of the most used treatments recently. The Implant used in the treatment of a missing teeth is one of the most advanced dental treatments. The application is performed in people who have completed their jaw and face development and it is known as the placement of natural-looking teeth instead of missing teeth.

With the medical examination, the condition of the jaw bones and teeth is determined. Usually, the images of the jawbones and teeth are obtained with X-ray measurements of the jawbones, and the remaining teeth are taken. In the first place, the implant is placed and then a certain period is waited for the implant to integrate with the bone. Afterward, the superstructure of the implant is placed. In this way, the patient will have teeth that are close to the natural tooth appearance.

It is known as an innovative method in the treatment of missing teeth practiced by Ekiz Clinic, which is is located at Vadistanbul Maslak region.

To Whom Is Dental Implant Applied?

Implants do not apply to everyone. Therefore, it is very important to know to whom the implant is applied. Implant treatment is a dental treatment method generally applied to the following people:

–  People aged 18 and over
–  People who completed their jaw and teeth development

Beside that, individuals with different health problems are examined by a physician before the treatment. Thereby, it is determined whether these people are suitable candidates for the treatment or not. In addition, for the treatment to be carried out in diabetic patients, the disease must be regulated before the treatment. On the other hand, it is cruical for those who use blood thinners to discontinue the drug under the supervision of a physician before the treatment.

Since the implant is among the innovative dental treatments, it is preferred in the treatment of missing teeth, especially in recent years.

It is known that patients coming from abroad who want to be treated in Turkey make searches such as “the best dentist in Turkey”, “the best dentist in Istanbul”, however it is very important to make more research and try to learn all the details in order to get the best dental treatments in Turkey.

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