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June 06 13:50 2022

Cryogenic liquids may be no strangers to everyone, in the liquid methane, ethane, propane, propylene, etc., all belong to the category of cryogenic liquids, such cryogenic liquids not only belong to flammable and explosive products, but also belong to low-temperature media, and transportation and storage process must pay attention to safety. Because of the inflammable and explosive characteristics of cryogenic liquid, there are higher requirements for the thermal insulation performance of the tanker, and the cryogenic thermal insulation technology is widely used in the tank structure.

Many Kinds of Cryogenic Insulation Technologies

Tanks used on cryogenic thermal insulation technology is mainly in order to try to reduce by convection and heat conduction and radiation heat leakage of cryogenic equipment, insulation of cryogenic liquid tank truck is not simply a kind of way, according to the storage of physical features and use requirement of liquefied gas, there are different ways of cryogenic insulation.

Cryogenic insulation technology including the high vacuum multilayer insulation, vacuum powder and fiber insulation, a variety of forms such as accumulation of insulation, is most common in the cryogenic liquid is liquefied natural gas (LNG), its main composition is liquefied methane, we see the LNG storage and transportation of the semi-trailer truck is most common ways of an insulated high vacuum multilayer insulation.

Storage and Transportation without High Vacuum Multilayer Insulation

Cryogenic liquid transport vehicle is composed of tank body and semi-trailer frame two parts, wherein the tank body is composed of inner cylinder body, outer cylinder body, insulation layer and so on. High vacuum multilayer insulation technology is used on the tank body. The outer surface of the inner cylinder is wrapped with a multilayer insulation layer composed of multilayer aluminum foil and glass fiber paper. The number of aluminum foil layers directly affects the insulation effect of multilayer insulation layer.

High vacuum multilayer insulation simply is a lot of radiation protection screen, are installed in the vacuum interlayer between the inner and outer cylinder is mezzanine area, through to the processing of high vacuum sandwich, so as to reduce the radiation heat transfer of a form of thermal insulation, thermal insulation performance of high and low and the material, vacuum degree, multi-layer layer density and number of boundary temperature, and so on.

The advantages of high vacuum multilayer insulation are good insulation performance, and the interlayer gap is small, under the same conditions, the volume of the inner container is larger than that of the vacuum powder transport vehicle. In addition, the use of high vacuum multilayer insulation can reduce the weight of the vehicle, the vehicle weight is lighter, the precooling loss is smaller than vacuum powder. The stability is better than vacuum powder and the insulation layer is not easy to settle.

The disadvantage is that the manufacturing process of this kind of equipment is more complex, the cost of unit volume is high, the vacuum degree has a very high requirement, it is not easy to vacuum, and in addition, there are problems of heat conduction in the parallel direction.

With the rapid development of economy, the demand for cryogenic liquids in industry is increasing. Cryogenic liquids, as inflammable and explosive items, have certain requirements on the structure of transport vehicles in the storage and transportation process. Low temperature thermal insulation is the core structure of cryogenic liquid transport vehicle, and high vacuum multilayer thermal insulation technology has become a common thermal insulation method on tank body because of its efficient thermal insulation performance.

HL Cryogenic Equipment

HL Cryogenic Equipment which was founded in 1992 is a brand affiliated to HL Cryogenic Equipment Company Cryogenic Equipment Co.,Ltd. HL Cryogenic Equipment is committed to the design and manufacture of the High Vacuum Insulated Cryogenic Piping System and related Support Equipment to meet the various needs of customers. The Vacuum Insulated Pipe and Flexible Hose are constructed in a high vacuum and multi-layer multi-screen special insulated materials, and passes through a series of extremely strict technical treatments and high vacuum treatment, which is used for transferring of liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, liquid hydrogen, liquid helium, liquefied ethylene gas LEG and liquefied nature gas LNG.

The product series of Vacuum Jacketed Pipe, Vacuum Jacketed Hose, Vacuum Jacketed Valve, and Phase Separator in HL Cryogenic Equipment Company, which passed through a series of extremely strict technical treatments, are used for transferring of liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, liquid hydrogen, liquid helium, LEG and LNG, and these products are serviced for cryogenic equipment (e.g. cryogenic tanks, dewars and coldboxes etc.) in industries of air separation, gases, aviation, electronics, superconductor, chips, automation assembly, food & beverage, pharmacy, hospital, biobank, rubber, new material manufacturing chemical engineering, iron & steel, and scientific research etc.

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