DejaVu Quest, Inc. launches Metaverse utility for NFTs

June 06 16:58 2022
DejaVu Quest, Inc. launches Metaverse utility for NFTs

Recent predictions by Citi Bank estimates that the Metaverse market value could reach $13 trillion by 2030, an enormous amount by any standard.  The global spending on VR/AR, the Metaverse’s foundation technologies, is expected to reach $72.8 billion by 2024. The Metaverse therefore presents a massive opportunity for creators and companies to determine how to position themselves as critical players in this emerging ecosystem. Those that are early adopters in realizing the potential of the Metaverse will inevitably be the ones who will see the most return.

So what does this mean for NFT creators and collections? The NFT space is seemingly saturated with profile picture NFTs that offer no real utility. The recent decline in the value of NFTs is ultimately a sign that reality is bearing down on the NFT market as it filters out tokens with low utility.It actually seems that NFTs are at the end of one curve and the start of another, as it moves from PFP to NFTs with true Metaverse utility and intrinsic value.

DejaVu Quest, Inc., a South Florida based Metaverse experience and game development company recently launched a quest to help NFT creators and companies make the transition from being just PFPs to NFTs holding value in the Metaverse. Can people do fun and awesome things with your NFTs? That’s the question DejaVu has for NFT creators. The company specializes in developing immersive Metaverse experiences, virtual worlds and games for NFT collections, equipping them for the upcoming Metaverse growth phase.

DejaVu Quest, Inc. is calling for companies that want to gain early entry into the Metaverse by launching their own virtual worlds. Such a move would establish a strong Metaverse roadmap for the NFT collections, create value for their communities and help them stay well ahead of the competition and indeed thrive in the upcoming Metaverse summer.

With the Metaverse still in its infancy, the underlying technologies are relatively new creating a high entry barrier for companies to enter the Metaverse due to the lack of know-how and high development costs.  DejaVu’s mission is to help NFT creators onboard the Metaverse and adopt true utility by providing services such as developing decentralized virtual worlds, XR compatible immersive experiences, GameFi/P2E, virtual NFT galleries, multiplayer virtual environments, branded Metaverse theme parks and meta avatar development among a host of other services. 

If you, your organization or brand is looking to venture into the Metaverse, DejaVu Quest, Inc. might just be the right partner for you. You can reach out to them at [email protected]. Here’s their website:

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