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June 06 23:16 2022
Explore the Self Love Treasure Chest for resources in improving people’s relationships with themselves

In a world where it is easy to get swayed by the opinion of others, learning to value and love one’s self must be a priority, especially since society has dictated many stereotypes for women. At Scarlett Rose West, they are taking self concept to the next level by creating an online plethora of helpful resources in helping women find and create what they truly want in life.

Founded by Chelli Johnson, Scarlett Rose West strongly believes in the power of understanding a person’s thoughts and feelings in accordance to self perception as it portrays a reflection of how they see the worlds and themselves. As Neville Goddard has said, “Change your perception of yourself and you will automatically change the world in which you live.”

In promoting taking care and loving one’s self, Scarlett Rose West is launching The Self Love Treasure Chest, an exclusive collection of exquisite resources that will help people, particularly women, improve their relationships with themselves. This is perfect for those who have struggled with self concept and self love, which triggered them to have negative thoughts and emotions towards themselves. Through this online treasure chest, they are hoping that it can serve as a gateway for people to who would like to take the journey of self transformation.

To fully experience life and to unlock the endless possibilities of living, one can tap into their divine feminine energy and embrace their magic. The Self Love Treasure Chest will enable women to fall in love with and unconditionally love themselves. Taking this step is the beginning of all things good – from freeing one’s self from the feeling of not being good enough, knowing one’s beauty and worthiness, transcending self doubt, stopping self sabotage, and to feeling secure through thick and thin.

Creating and manifesting the dream life is just within reach because there is a queen, goddess, and a warrior inside every strong and powerful woman. All it takes is just the courage and faith to choose self love, self acceptance, and self creation. Wouldn’t it feel great to wake up every day and feel nothing but appreciation and love for one’s reflection in the mirror? This is how transformative self love can be.

Fall in love with one’s self and see and experience the greatness of life. Receive early access and unlock possible surprises at Scarlett Rose West’s The Self Love Treasure Chest by joining their waitlist. Visit for more information.

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Scarlett Rose West is an online lifestyle resource platform founded by Chelli Johnson. It aims to help women create anything and everything they want through manifestation, law of assumption, and self love.

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