NEW P2E Service Provider ‘NvirWorld’ Starts 2nd ‘NWX’ NFT Airdrop Event with a Chance to Get NFT and Win $100,000 Prize

June 07 01:46 2022
With the motto of ‘A new world in which everything enjoyable becomes profitable’, NvirWorld, a blockchain company developing Metaverse game ‘Nvirland’ while providing services such as DApp NFT marketplace ‘Nvir Market’ and NEW P2E DeFi platform ‘N-Hub’, offers 1,000 ‘NWX(NvirWorld X-CLUB) membership NFT through an airdrop event.

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NvirWorld announced the 2nd airdrop event to distribute its unique ‘NWX’ membership NFTs on its official website and social media. According to NvirWorld, the 2nd airdrop event will be held for 3 weeks from June 1st to 21st, and NWX NFT will be given to a total of 1,000 participants. Of the total 10,000 NWX NFTs, a prize of $100,000 will be given to only one ‘NWX’ NFT holder. 

Just by owning the NWX NFTs, holders have a chance to not only win the prize, but also have the benefit of receiving a portion of profits made in the platforms run by NvirWorld. The ‘NWX’ membership NFT is sort of a digital ID required to enjoy the various benefits of the Nvirworld’s ecosystems, including the special membership service provided by Nvirworld. NWX holders will be able to enjoy various benefits including • Governance rights • Nvirworld’s ecosystem profit compensation • Market transaction fee discount • Access to private auction service (Treasure Island) • NWX Merch drop • Offline membership service • Nvirland game character/item drop • Access to private gallery service (N-ground). 

In addition to membership benefits, users’ enthusiasm over the event with $100,000 prize is growing bigger as NvirWorld is to announce the winner of the prize once 9,000 ‘NWX’ NFTs out of 10,000 find their holders. Nvirworld has already airdropped 1,000 NWX NFTs through the first airdrop event in February and sold 1,000 NWX NFTs in the pre-sale in May. 6,000 NWX NFTs will be on sale in the public sale in June, which is scheduled to take place after the 2nd airdrop event is over. Event information, such as airdrop and public sale, can be found at official website or social media channels. 

Meanwhile, Nvirworld plans to work on various projects following their roadmap with the goal to create ‘the digital economy ecosystem that truly coexists with users.’ Projects coming up includes • NWX public sale • X-CLUB membership launch • N-ground official service launch • Nvirland beta service (P2E) NL 1.0 Distribute • Layer 3 mainnet launch. The NWX public sale price is 0.14 ETH.

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