The Golf Ball Buoy Celebrates Success As A Top Golf Product Of The Year and New Must-Have Golf Accessory

June 07 02:39 2022

Richmond, VA – Golf Ball Buoy, a new must-have on the golf course, is celebrating its success as one of the top new golf products of the year.

The Golf Ball Buoy is an innovative tool for golfers quickly making its way to golf courses around the country. The bright orange buoy, weighted with pellets, allows golfers to quickly mark golf balls that land out of bounds or in rough and thick grass so golfers can spend less time looking for balls and more time playing the game they love. The buoy’s built-in bungee cord and ball allow players to quickly toss and pick it up on the go, while its durable, water-resistant, and industrial-grade materials ensure it is ready for one golf outing after the next.

Designed by Phil Jones, a Richmond, Virginia, based salesman, the Golf Ball Buoy comes from Jones’ over 40 years of experience playing the game. After completing a round of golf on a particularly challenging course in which he and his buddies were forced to look for their fair share of golf balls, he conceived the idea of creating this new way to mark balls hit out of bounds or into the tall grass. From creating the name and logo to seeking out manufacturing companies and materials and ultimately generating prototype designs, Jones brought the Golf Ball Buoy to life with domestic manufacturers in the United States.

“The Golf Ball Buoy is for the everyday golfer,” remarked Phil Jones. “We all know what it is like to hit balls outside of the fairway only to waste time looking for them. The Golf Ball Buoy is a fun, effective way to mark the balls and help your buddies coming behind you so you can get back to the game,” he added.

Available individually and in bundles of two, the Golf Ball Buoy has quickly become one of the top new golf products of the year. The perfect accessory for any golfer, it has also become a great gift for family golfers, companies hosting tournaments, and golf clubs looking to increase the speed of play.

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