Hoojih, a tousled updo hair bun, is fast becoming a must-have hair accessory, suited for formal and casual occasions.

June 07 20:48 2022
The product is known for adding volume to hair and is available in several hair colours.

Hoojih, a Super Long Tousled Updo Hair Bun, has introduced new hair bun extensions in the 6” to 12” sizes. The hair buns have gained extreme popularity due to their versatile use and cascading tendrils. The hair buns can be used to create a variety of hairstyles ranging from hair buns to ponytail extensions (click here) to half hair buns, up-do or chignon, etc.

“I’m excited to introduce the new range of hair extensions; they are a trendy hair accessory that has seen incredible use worldwide,” said Katie Chan, owner of Hoojih.

“The messy bun hairpiece is one of the most selling products as this look has gained immense traction in the last few years, and Hoojih is available in various colours to suit the needs of women,” she added.

The hair bun (click here) is also known for adding volume, fullness, and lift to a customer’s hair, thus, adding more definition to the style. One of the impressive features of Hoojih is the elastic hair tie on the hair bun, which enables the user to adjust the thickness as per the hair type, thus perfectly blending with the hair.

“My goal is to help women wear the messy bun look perfectly. With Hoojih extensions, now women can wear this look in any setting, formal or casual or at a wedding or home. Its adaptability is one of the primary reasons it has garnered an overwhelming response from the users,” Katie further remarked.

The product is available for purchase on Amazon (click here).

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