John Bales Attorneys Shares the Essential Steps in Building a Strong Personal Injury Claim

June 08 08:30 2022
John Bales Attorneys Shares the Essential Steps in Building a Strong Personal Injury Claim
John Bales Attorneys is a top-rated personal injury firm. In a recent update, the office shared the critical steps in building a solid personal injury claim.

St. Petersburg, FL – In a website post, John Bales Attorneys has outlined the vital steps in building a solid personal injury claim beyond getting car accident lawyer St. Petersburg services.

The first thing to do is get medical attention. This is essential even for those who think they were not seriously hurt. Car accidents can cause internal injuries that could go unnoticed for days or weeks after the accident, only to cause extreme pain and disability weeks later. That is why it is so important to seek medical care immediately, even before speaking to a St. Petersburg auto accident lawyer.

The next step is to record the accident scene. Here, the victims can use a camera or cell phone to take pictures of the crash scene. Be sure to capture damage to the vehicle and any accident-related markings on the road. The victims should also take photographs of any injuries incurred.

Another important thing worth doing is to stay silent. An accident victim should never admit anything, even if they think they were at fault for the accident. The accident may have been beyond the victim’s control, but an admission of guilt can potentially damage chances of getting compensation.

The final thing to do is speak to a St. Petersburg injury lawyer. Evidence needs to be collected right away, and if the victim waits too long, they may give the insurance company a head start building its case against them.

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