BLT System Provides Affordable Lab Testing Services Across US

June 08 17:06 2022
With The Rising Cost of Healthcare and Insurance Deductibles, The Company Helps Patients Save Up To 90% On Lab Testing Needs

For the past seven years, BLT System has been serving as a go-to online platform for a wide variety of laboratory testing needs. The company provides an accessible and affordable means for people across the US to acquire reliable lab services.

BLT System works by fusing quality laboratory operations with advanced e-commerce technology. Clients may select their required lab test and pay for it through the site’s secured payment system. Keeping in mind the financial well-being of clients, the company only applies a minimal processing fee that starts from $5 and does not exceed $20. Many opt to pay using their Healthcare Savings Accounts (HSA) which is a welcome method in the BLT System platform.

Additionally, every order received in the platform is automatically submitted to the lab through a licensed doctor eliminating the need for users to have a separate doctor’s order for their lab testing.

Once the order is completed and the user receives their lab requisition, clients may go to one of the many lab centers to provide their samples for testing. The company works in partnership with LabCorp which has more than a thousand laboratory facilities throughout the country. Once completed, the results are then sent to the client through secure email.

This pro-patient structure enables clients to make substantial savings on lab testing costs, reaching up to 90% less compared to visiting directly to local clinics and laboratories.

“Since 2015 we have been helping health providers, patients, and the community save LOTS of money on lab testing which allows people to take more control of their health and be more proactive in improving their health,” said the team at BLT System.

According to the company founders, the services of BLT System have much significance in today’s economic conditions. People are experiencing the challenges brought by the increase in healthcare costs and heightened insurance deductibles. The opportunity to lessen the burden on medical finances brings a sigh of relief to many. To date, the company has helped thousands of individuals and the team hopes to extend its assistance to more families in need.

Currently, the BLT system caters to almost every state in the US. Due to restrictions on some state laws, the company’s services are unavailable in New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island.

More information about BLT System and its lab testing services can be found on the company’s website,

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