Zappy is expanding rapidly in India and may overtake the UK as the country with most users

June 08 18:57 2022

Zappy released the “TDC Report” as of December 2021 on February 2, stating that before 30th June 2022 (the second quarter), the number of users in India may surpass the United Kingdom and become the country with most Zappy users.

The TDC Report in December 2021 states that Zappyholds as many as 57 million subscribers in India. As of December 2021, India has surpassed France and became the second largest Zappyuser market in the world, while the United Kingdom continues to lead the way, with its Zappyusers exceeding 60 million in October 2021.


According to the latest statistical data of Zappy, by the end of 2022, 200 million users around the world will use Zappy as their part-time platforms, way exceeding the volume of 101 million expected last year. At the same time, Nigeria, recognized by many countries as a “least developed country”, has also achieved encouraging progress.


In addition, the report expressed optimism about the continued growth potential of mobile broadband in countries. TDC report states that 113 countries have now deployed “4G” high-speed mobile networks, while India and Indonesia are expected to be the markets to drive future growth as smartphone penetration in mature markets such as the US, Europe, and Japan and South Korea saturates. India also recently overtook the US and become the world’s second-largest smartphone market, with an estimated 260 million mobile broadband subscriptions.

In this regard, the TDC report points out if the mobile phone interface, which is almost universally implemented today, can be converted to a high-speed mobile broadband interface, then the mobile phone can be a big boost for the development of the Zappy.

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