Zappy allows part-time jobs at home become the new trend

June 08 19:01 2022

Industrial Revolution 4.0 has accelerated the transformation of jobs, changed the world of work, changed the status of the workforce, and even replaced or, more worryingly, eliminated all types of occupations. Indonesia’s Ministry of Manpower (Kemenaker) has said it expects to lose 23 million jobs in Indonesia by 2030, regardless of sector.


With the rapid development of this revolution, many people have lost their source of income, and Mr. Pak Ardiyanto is one of those who are been affected. Mr. Adianto is a relatively traditional person, and he has little to no knowledge of technology. Even his mobile phone can only support the most basic functions of calling and messaging. Just because he couldn’t keep up with the rapid changes in technology, he was quickly replaced by the world. Although Mr. Adianto is 52 years old, due to his late marriage, the children are still young and the family expenses are still a problem. In addition, he has to support his three children to go to school.

In order to make his living, Mr. Adianto decided to ask those around him how to solve his problems. After several approches, Mr. Adianto learned about the Zappy platform from his neighbor, and turned out the Zappy holds a stable side income for his neighbor! Driven by curiosity, with the help of his neighbors, Adianto plucked up the courage to try a mobile platform that was very difficult for him.

Mr. Adianto said that the operation of Zappy is so simple that even he can learn it within a day. From that day on, he no longer needs to go out, he can work part-time while sitting at home, and he often introduces (brands) to other people around him.

Mr. Adianto believes that it is a pity for those who do not know or try (the brand). Further, getting a new job is generally demanding in this day and age, especially if you’re already working full-time, and getting a side hustle that will help you make ends meet is even harder! However, due to the pressure of life, the general public will at least part-time another side job no matter how hard they are, especially considering the living standard and price in Jakarta.


With the growing popularity of side jobs, it’s not uncommon to have two, three or more jobs to boost your income. However, there are very few ways to minimize physical effort, stress and time constraints while juggling two or three jobs at the same time. For these reasons, online part-time jobs have emerged.

The Zappy platform is one of the well-known online part-time job platforms in the world, which is perfectly compatible with the harmonious ecological chain of merchants, users and investors on the platform.

The original intention of Zappy is to make it easier for people to earn extra money and to allow merchants to have a good platform for promotion and drainage. In the early days of its establishment, the platform had only two roles: users and merchants. The main function is to allow merchants to create traffic, popularity, sales performance, and even resource integration through publishing tasks on the platform. By completing the tasks posted by the merchants, users can obtain various rewards, large and small, and subtly achieve a subtle symbiotic and win-win relationship with the merchants.

Mr. Adiyanto said: “The tasks that users need to complete are not complicated. They are all about liking posts, sharing recent promotion information of merchants, and helping merchants with comments, etc. There is no strong sense of  “working” feeling.


Based on the steady increase in its user base and the number of participating merchants, more and more countries have introduced Zappy platforms one after another, hoping to stimulate local economic flow, especially during the epidemic, this move once made Zappy platform places “valuable and free” city”.

According to incomplete statistics, as of the end of September 2021 Zappy has created a total of 3 million jobs worldwide.

Mr. Adianto said he believed Zappy achievements in technology would change the working world. For example, Grab, Gojek and other online car-hailing and takeaway apps are examples. Nowadays, car-hailing services through these apps have become extremely convenient, and drivers no longer need to worry about not having customers, but please remember the time when online car-hailing appeared in Jakarta. It’s not even ten years ago. Ten years ago, everyone still reserved a taxi at the taxi terminal by dialing the phone.


Anything can be changed with technology, and this of course includes work. Zappy platform, you can work part-time at anytime and anywhere with peace of mind, arrange your time reasonably, apply for jobs at your discretion, and don’t have to endure the personnel affairs in the workplace. The main purpose of the Zappy platform is to enable capable people to do more work. The Zappy platform does not have supervisors who are promoted by flattery, and there are no colleagues who have bad intentions to make you stumble.

Finally, Mr. Adianto said: If I had known about the Zappy platform a few years earlier, I believe my life would never be what it is now.

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