Why Do Enterprises Choose Truss Manipulators

June 09 17:08 2022

With automation becoming increasingly popular, any enterprise that fails to develop machine automation will definitely be defeated in the market competition. Due to the growing factory production costs, the development of enterprises will decline if the production efficiency is not improved. Therefore, an increasing number of factories begin to use truss manipulators. There are three main reasons for choosing a truss manipulator.

1. Manufactured in modular way, a modular truss manipulator can realize the product transportation of more than two stations and fully automatic transportation of workpiece from one place to another, has higher precision, and can be installed more quickly. It’s simple and easy to use, so the operator can operate on the same day of training. In addition, it has wide versatility.

2. The truss automation is not only suitable for plate handling, but also for loading and unloading automatic production, which can be combined into a fully automatic processing line that automatically completes the whole processing process of workpiece from blank to finished product without interruption. Meanwhile, high-quality truss manipulators are provided with after-sales services, so people don’t have to worry about the failure and can directly find the factory for maintenance.

3. Enterprises can better reduce the burden by using a truss manipulator. Replacing manual operation with truss manipulator can reduce the burden of enterprises mainly from three aspects: (1) save labor costs because one person can control and operate several CNC machine tools at the same time; (2) eliminate the occurrence of work-related accidents; (3) truss manipulator can work uninterruptedly for one day and one night, which greatly improves the product production efficiency.

The use of truss manipulator seems to be an important step towards fully automated machine and fully automated factory. The modular production of truss manipulator makes the operation easier and enables one person to control several truss manipulators, which enhances the enterprise production efficiency and reduces the burden of production and operators.

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