Turkish Angel Investor and Entrepreneur Invests in Bitcore

June 09 22:13 2022
Numan Noah, a renowned Turkish businessman in New York, is among the latest angel investors heading into the blockchain thanks to his latest investment in Bitcore.

When digital currency was first created, it was only restricted to a niche area patronized by only a few. But since then, the concept of digital currency has exploded onto the mainstream and is now being used by a healthy population size. What’s more, digital currency has grown so much that it is now recognized as one of the fastest gain to grow wealth in the modern era. One of the people who have pioneered this fast adoption is none other than Turkish businessman, Numan Noah.

Numan Noah is an angel-investor and entrepreneur who have been at the forefront of championing this new asset class. Numan saw the promises that digital assets had to offer and he positioned himself to take advantage. It is this foresight that led the reputable entrepreneur to invest in Bitcore Incorporation on April 1st 2022. Bitcore is a blockchain mining company poised to take advantage of all the benefits that come with this new technology.

For those familiar with the entrepreneur, his investment in Bitcore is not surprising. Numan has always kept up-to-date with the blockchain and new technologies. So his latest venture is in line with where his interests lay. It is important to note that Numan’s investment into Bitcore at the Pre Seed Round currently puts the value of the company at $500,000.  

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