A New Range Of Car Phone Mounts Now Available On The Magni Drive Store

June 10 15:45 2022
The Magni Drive Store has added a new range of car phone mounts that are all priced under sixteen dollars

A one-stop-shop for car products and accessories that has gained a reputation for beating the competition on price has just launched a new range of car phone mounts. All of the phone car mounts are available for under sixteen dollars and come with a full guarantee and a fast-shipping service. The Magni Drive Store (https://magnidrive.store) is continuing to add new car accessories to its range of products.

The online store that is committed to helping car owners to save money, has said the new car phone mounts look stylish and would make a perfect gift for a loved one. Each one of the car phone mounts is easy to install and will keep the phone in place no matter how rough the journey is.

The first new car phone mount is the Luxe Base Air Vent Phone Mount, which is priced at just $14.99. It is a great-looking car phone mount that is easy to install and fits on the air vent. It would make a perfect gift for a loved one who has just bought their first car.

For more information on the Luxe Base Air Vent Phone Mount, please visit https://magnidrive.store/luxe-base-air-vent-phone-mount/

The next new car phone mount which is just $15.49 is the Suction Cup Dashboard Phone Holder Mount. It features a 360-degree swivel while the arm rotates 270 degrees back and forth for any angling. It is a very stylish car phone mount where the red color combination makes it stand out.

For more information, please visit https://magnidrive.store/suction-cup-dashboard-phone-holder-mount/

This Is Spring Car Vent Phone Mount is another great addition to the new range which is priced at just $15.49. It looks very modern and stylish and is easy to install.

For more information, please visit https://magnidrive.store/this-is-spring-car-vent-phone-mount/

There are lots of great car accessories on the popular online store, all of which are sold at their lowest price. To see the full range of products, please visit https://magnidrive.store

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