Woman-Run Company Offers Sustainable Alternatives to Planned Obsolescence and Big Box Stores

June 10 20:03 2022
Safran Everyday delivers functional homewares and jewelry to adorn

Woman-owned and operated small-batch company, Safran Everyday, is offering a new alternative to large retail establishments by taking a stand for sustainable and ethical business practices. The small business highlights unisex jewelry inspired by botanical elements and functional home goods thoughtfully crafted to minimize our consumer environmental impact.

“It’s common knowledge that massive convenience corporations like Amazon and Home Depot cause consistent harm to workers and the environment,” says Safran Everyday founder, Maia Leppo. “We wanted to build better options for home staples that are classic, durable designs and directly support artists. We wanted to create something that didn’t reproduce profit-first corporate logic.”

Over the past years, we’ve seen the detrimental impacts of fast fashion and excessive consumption on the environment. While this has increased the demand for eco-friendly, ethical brands, consumers still heavily rely on mega-retailers for their daily needs. Sound familiar? You’re not alone – many of us have gotten used to the convenience, speed and price tags places like Amazon provide. But often what you’re getting when you cash in on convenience is cheap materials that don’t last or literally were made NOT to last.

Planned obsolescence, or companies producing goods that are intentionally designed to break easily or go out of style quickly is a common business practice of the massive corporations we’re used to shopping from to outfit our homes. Planned obsolescence and other normalized business practices are part of the corporate logic that Safran Everyday wants to combat. When manufacturers singular focus is making money, the quality of goods suffer and the impact on our planet becomes more and more obscene.

Safran Everyday chooses to make all of their home goods from steel – one of the world’s most sustainable materials. In addition to its durability steel is indefinitely reusable and the single most recycled substance on the planet. Safran Everyday’s products replace traditionally plastic home goods that have short lifespans with steel home goods that will last your entire life. Part of shifting away from disposable consumerism is buying products that won’t need repairs down the road. Safran Everyday’s towel bars, paper towel holders, toilet paper holders are all made of a continuous bent steel that doesn’t have seamed joints that would be vulnerable to breakage.

This company’s recent love is home goods but their background is in contemporary jewelry. “We decided to offer both jewelry and home goods because they are products that share material make up, metalwork techniques and our passion for adornment. Our jewelry products are created to be versatile and wearable enough that you can wear them daily without having to change them out when you go for a drink directly after work.”

When asked about her design development, Leppo says her creation process is dictated by self-imposed limitations. Those limits enable her to step out of the norm and develop innovative ideas. She is inspired by botanicals and architecture, often combining steel, gold, and porcelain to achieve subtle and effortless looks. Safran Everyday showcases timeless designs and mostly monochromatic colors that are versatile and made for all gender expressions. The jewelry pieces are meant for keeps, lasting for many years to come. Safran Everyday also outlines product care guidelines to help consumers protect their purchases.

Minimalistic and colorful, Safran Everyday house goods are meant to spruce up living spaces and simplify home organization. They enable homeowners to complement furnishings without replacing what’s already available at home. The housewares are powder coated to provide a sturdy and durable finish.

Safran Everyday continues to innovate and reassess its services to create products aligned with its values and principles. In time, it hopes that its efforts will contribute towards shifting away from conventional manufacturing trends geared towards disposability.

All products are handcrafted and made with locally-sourced materials carefully selected for quality and durability. Proceeds go directly to artists creating the products. Items are available for shipping and store pickup.

Explore Safran Everyday’s collection here: https://safraneveryday.com/.

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