Mobilate Introduces an Innovative Walker that can go Upstairs and Downstairs

June 10 20:40 2022
The Roami adapts to changing environments and user needs by alternating between a walker, wheeled walker, gait aligner, and stair assist all in one

Traditional walkers can’t navigate uneven surfaces, slopes, or stairs, limiting mobility and independence. Oftentimes, multiple devices are required to accommodate changing balance and stability needs. Mobilate has bridged these gaps with the Roami Walker, a first-of-its-kind and major advancement in the mobility-aid marketplace. The secret to Roami’s capabilities is a patented cam-lock mechanism that allows the frame and legs to articulate angularly for inclines/declines and up/down on stairs.

Chad Morgan, an entrepreneurial engineer and the creator of Roami, says, “One of the key principles of Roami is keeping a person’s body perpendicular at all times at any angle. This gait alignment support is critical to posture stability.”

Use Roami to ambulate confidently in situations never thought possible with a walker, both indoors and outdoors — steps, slopes, sidewalks, unbalanced terrains, and curbs. It’s a life-changing device for those living with permanent mobility challenges, balance impairments, or for someone in a recovery situation from orthopedic surgery or trauma, including athletes.

Roami is thoughtfully designed with style and safety in mind. It’s engineered with glass-filled polypropylene and reinforced anodized aluminum supporting up to 300 lbs. The retractable wheels quickly and easily change Roami from a walker to a wheeled walker and back to a walker again on the fly. Other features include height-adjustable, ergonomic handle design, and collapsible for easy storage.

Roami is truly a new-to-the-world device that provides mobility-challenged people the freedom to move throughout their homes, workplaces, and communities without limitations. You can see how Roami works at

Insurance reimbursement code: E0143.

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