Entrepreneur Yakir Ezra shares business advice and success tips

June 10 22:58 2022
As a business owner, Yakir Ezra says becoming successful in the world of business is more about someone’s mentality, psychology, and tenacity than it is about looking at tricks and hacks here and there.

Yakir Ezra, a global entrepreneur based in Israel, leads the charge in providing tips to starting business owners as he continues to make headway in the global digital marketing industry.

Yakir, who currently has thousands of followers on photo and video sharing social networking service Instagram, says the most impactful lessons he had came from his biggest failures.

“While I received tons of business advice, recommendations, and pointers on how to become successful back during college, I learned that failure is one key recipe to success. Through failure, business leaders and entrepreneurs get to know themselves better and learn from their mistakes,” says Yakir Ezra, an old company owner in Israel.

Yaki Ezra also stressed that age is just a number when it comes to starting a business, which means people can start their business as long as they have the passion and a positive attitude towards their chosen niche.

“Entrepreneurs – whatever field they are in, like dropshipping – should always keep an open mind. It is crucial to look at every chance in a positive way and always carry that “I can do it” attitude. This character aids them to explore the abilities of their team and work on to bring the important skills within their organization,” explains Yakir Ezra. 

Yakir advises entrepreneurs to start today, begin building their dreams right away, and make passive income.

“The sole way to learn the ropes is by doing it now. Business owners can’t afford to just sit around and wait for funding from investors, wishing for a stranger to come along to support them execute on their idea, or worse, complain that they are busy and don’t have the time. They have to do it now. Find the way to resolve, not the excuse to retire,” says Yakir. 

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