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June 13 17:27 2022
Know more about the new stage of ICB Crypto Services Roadmap

The world of crypto can be quite intimidating, especially for those who are not familiar with emergent technologies. For starters, terms like crypto, blockchain, staking, yield farming, and liquidity mining sounds incomprehensible to the common crowd. But nowadays, it is relatively easier to get into, especially if the right resources are acquired from platforms like ICB Crypto Services.

Being a trusted platform that has empowered millions of users in over 40 countries, ICB Crypto Services provides easy access to innovative crypto tools, which allows them to cultivate an engaging and collaborative trading community.

As part of ICB Crypto Services’s mission in creating the best trading experience for their retail and institutional clients, they are now launching a new stage of their ICB Crypto Services Roadmap. Specifically, they are initiating the establishment of their work of gathering all block chains under one platform to bridge them together and form auctions for cryptos.

Through this service, ICB Crypto Services tries to get information from different dex and centralized exchanges in order to find and offer the best price for cryptos. It works similarly with the open ocean, which works with coin bases.

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ICB Crypto Services is a trusted platform that empowers millions of users in over 40 countries by providing easy access to innovative Crypto tools, with the added value of an engaging and collaborative trading community.

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