Kessa Gooden, Along with Several Renowned Public Figures, at the Global Awakened United Summit Honors

June 13 21:57 2022
The organization’s meeting included many famous public figures invited as sponsors and guest speakers.

The Global Awakened Initiative Inc, an organization founded by one of the world’s most famous and self-reliant public figures, Kessa Gooden, has a stellar reputation and a strong charity focus. Establishing this organization was meant to bring together entrepreneurs and business minds for a meeting and VIP dinner featuring prominent guest speakers and sponsors. By establishing the non-profit charity-based organization, Kessa Gooden is achieving her goal of providing basic necessities to the homeless, quality education to children, and offering capital provisions to startup businesses. A successful philanthropist, life coach, and mentor with a passion for empowering and inspiring people of all ages, Kessa Gooden has made sure to give back to the community by running Global Awakened Initiative Inc, for several years.

Along with Kessa Gooden, Khalilah Ali, a famous American actress and a former wife of Mohammad Ali, also attended the event. In addition, some other renowned public figures, such as Kim Walsh Philip, Forbes Riley, and Brent Kesler, were also present at the event. Kim Walsh Philip, is a best-selling author of multiple books and has been invited to speak on many occasions besides famous celebrity artists. Her exceptional speaking skills have made her one of the most sought-after guest speakers at numerous popular events. A pioneer and host of more than 180 infomercials, Forbes Riley, was a part of the organization’s meeting. Brent Kesler, a man who guides clients on how to recover their money within a few days by being their mentor and coach, has been invited to the event.

What are your issues, marriage, finance, Abused and relationship? Look no further; I can assure you that this information will mend your challenges, and also put a big smile on your face”, says the CEO of The Global Awakened Initiative Inc, Kessa Gooden.

Kessa Gooden’s hard work and endless contributions to the organization have made her one of the most famous public figures. Her exceptional speaking and motivational skills have inspired many women around her. To help people around her, she is determined to implement all of the basic objectives, and therefore, she holds meetings and VIP dinners to discuss the objectives and the ways to implement them. The Global Awakened Initiative Inc also assists entrepreneurs in formulating new business ideas and in negotiating with new business partners.

Furthermore, The Global Awakened Initiative Inc also invites many other famous guest speakers, including Snoop Dogg, John Travolta, Kevin Hart, Daymond John, Halle Berry, and Tai Lopez. The event’s guest speakers have the opportunity to speak on the impact the event has had on the community and share their perspective. Along with eminent guest speakers, the company also invites sponsors to advertise their event.

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