Peerly Inc. Introduces HD Video MMS to Peer-to-Peer Messaging

June 14 19:27 2022
Peerly’s full HD Video MMS is a game-changing innovation in messaging technology.

Peerly Inc., one of North America’s leading peer-to-peer (P2P) messaging platforms, introduces the first-of-its-kind full HD Video MMS Texting. This transformative new feature, known as TruHD Video Texting, allows users to quickly and easily send up to 60-second 1080p videos with P2P texting without compromising quality or using messy links. This is currently the highest MMS video resolution offered by any P2P provider. With this launch, political groups and non-profits can take their campaigns and advertisements to the next level, boosting audience engagement in ways they never thought possible.

“HD Video MMS texting will change the way political commercials are done. Current-day text messages are from the stone ages. We don’t text from a typewriter, so why should text messages look like it?” said Josh Justice, President of Peerly. “Political campaigns now have the advantage of standing out from other messages.”

According to the team, they never expected a joke about Middle-out, a fictional technology from HBO’s Silicon Valley, to spark a real-world innovation. The concept inspired Peerly’s proprietary compression technology, enabling the direct sending of high-quality videos over text messages – a true in-message playback. Peerly’s Edge Stream Technology ensures instant video play once the video is received, while its TruVoice quality sound ensures a deep rich audio output.

In addition, Peerly offers dynamic personalization for authentic communications. Users can send up to 2000 characters with clickable links and emojis along with their video to get their message across and drive a lasting impression. They can also use Peerly’s Rich Font Text Messaging at no extra cost and track the open rate of each message with tracking links.

Peerly users can capitalize on these innovative features to reach more audiences, foster greater connectivity, and deliver cinematic quality, highly-targeted videos with ease.

“This is a game-changer for the 2022 election cycle. Imagine the power of being able to run a studio-quality commercial over a text message,” added Justice.

Compared to other communication platforms, text messages have a much higher open rate, 98%, making it the most efficient tool to highlight important issues and prompt actual actions. P2P texting is also much cheaper and more direct than other advertising means.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Peerly’s cutting-edge developments remain the new standard for real-time P2P messaging. It positions organizations and political factions ahead of the 2022 election, connecting them better with an unlimited number of constituents at affordable costs.

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