SMS Reviews Launches A New QR Code Customer Feedback Feature

June 15 00:42 2022

Innovative customer engagement tool, SMS Reviews, announces the addition of a QR code customer feedback feature for enhanced user experience.

The team at SMS Reviews is helping businesses across industries to enhance their customer engagement with the recent addition of the QR code. The customer feedback feature enables businesses to track employee performance, address negative customer reviews before they get published online, and get more positive online reviews on Google™, Yelp, and others. 

Many businesses have a high volume of walk-in or drive-in customers visiting their locations.  These businesses face the obstacle of initiating direct engagement with customers and do not have access to basic contact information such as a phone number!

“At SMS Reviews, we realized that QR codes can help businesses across different industries easily reach out to customers to obtain their feedback, without needing to register the customer contact information.”

Customer reviews and online reputation management are needed for any business. Solving customer problems collected from reviews helps build trust with customers. SMS Reviews QR code scan feature can boost a business’s online reviews by 300%.

The QR Code replaces the need to get your customers’ phone numbers to send a customer satisfaction survey through an SMS.

SMSReviews uses QR codes in a new and unique manner to initiate the customer engagement journey and get them to participate in a 2 question customer satisfaction survey. Scanning the QR code will automatically generate an SMS message on the customer’s phone. Once they click “Send” this SMS message is sent to SMSReviews’s Outreach application.

The Customer Survey now starts. SMSReviews Outreach software automatically sends your customer a response, which is a survey text message with questions to rate your business.

Your customer texts back their answer and the Outreach software processes the responses, after which businesses can immediately see the results. If the review is less than perfect the business gets notified by email to read the detailed review internally in the app dashboard. This allows the business to contact the customer and fix the problem before it becomes a public review. If the review is perfect, then your customer is prompted to complete an online review of your business which is posted e.g. on Google.

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