Inke changed its name into Inkeverse, to comprehensively embrace the web3.0

June 16 00:12 2022

On June 15, Inke held the Brand Upgrade Press Conference themed by “breaking through the dimension wall”, and declared that its brand and strategic direction were comprehensively upgraded. Inke formally changed its name into Inkeverse, and marched toward metaverse in its business.


At the Press Conference, Feng Yousheng, President of Inkeverse Group, reviewed the development history of the group, and expounded a totally new idea of brand and strategy upgrading in detail. Feng Yousheng expressed that Inke had completed thorough changes, and that its business layout covered three plates (live streaming, blind date and social contact). By integrating online and offline diversified scenes, and developing overseas markets, it has been successfully transformed into a company promoting performance growth with matrix products from that with single product.

(First on the right: President of Inkeverse Group, Feng Yousheng)

Until now, Inkeverse has introduced three independent scenes of metaverse and related products according to the layout of metaverse, including the immersive KTV function of Inke live streaming “Panoramic Karaoke”, and the social relationship product of metaverse “Loverse’ Planet”. In addition, the company is studying, developing and creating the overseas 3D virtual image social contact product “the Place”, aiming at users of Generation Z in Europe and America.


(COO of Inkeverse Group, Hou Guangling)

Feng Yousheng said that metaverse became a mass concept, as it attracted extensive market attention when proposed by Facebook last year. In fact, however, Inke put forward the all-scenario strategy in 2020, hoping to integrate social contact and entertainment scenes, and connect online and offline as well as practical and virtual scenarios.

However, though metaverse seems beautiful in vision, the reality is harsh. Feng Yousheng considered that metaverse should be viewed in the long run, and the cycle might be 10 years, 20 years or even 30 years. The present technology and infrastructures of metaverse are still at an initial stage, and it should be tried and verified with extremely strong patience. Maybe next year or the year after, metaverse will break out when top hardware products are truly introduced. However, Inkeverse will keep pursuing the direction of metaverse intensely, and realize iteration continuously according to the practical hardware and network conditions.

In the past web2.0 era, Inke had a series of product matrixes, and our team has accumulated rich experience in research and development, corresponding population operation, and closed loop of commercial logic. New metaverse products are the same for the understanding of humanity and demand point for humanity, but new metaverse product concepts are needed to remodel the original product structure and product pattern, even including social and interactive modes.

The vision of Inkeverse is still to create the most influential new social platform for all scenarios. Based on the original social advantages, we try to comprehensively enhance the integration of technological elements of metaverse, break through the dimension wall, create countless matrix planets of “new social dimensions”, build richer and multidimensional social contexts with completely new technology, and meet users’ segmented social needs.

(President of Inkeverse Group, Feng Yousheng)

At the Press Conference, the Executive Chief Editor of Inkeverse Group, Huang Qin also interpreted the brand in a completely new way. “In the new logo, the most unique design is I and R in inkeverse, including the dots above them. First, they symbolize two spatial dimensions (reality and virtuality), and are the symbolic expression of the “digital twin” concept in metaverse. Besides, the above two letters can also be treated as two people in cooperation. As for the color of the new brand, green and purple are combined to form a brilliant color, symbolizing the connection of Inkeverse and the vast universe. In addition, Inkeverse has also established a brand-new slogan – see the future. It conveys our idea of no limit and continuous exploration,” said Huang Qin.

(Executive Chief Editor of Inkeverse Group, Huang Qin)

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