Missologist is the Hot New Cocktail Subscription Box – for Women

June 18 01:10 2022
A Cocktail Subscription Box that teaches mixology and is trying to even the playing field.

Nicole Schaefer wanted to create a cocktail revolution. So that’s what she did. Schaefer was already interested in cocktails and mixology when she offered to make drinks for a women’s group of which she was a member and co-organizer. “The reaction was not what I was expecting. Everyone was fascinated by mixology and watching me make cocktails. And then they wanted to learn how to do it!

“It hit Schaefer then and there that women really wanted to learn how to make cocktails, but that the bartending and mixology world didn’t necessarily seem accessible to them. “I was looking around and I was kind of shocked to find how mixology and bartending were so geared towards men. There wasn’t even a female mixologist on Youtube. Also, every subscription box was definitely either aimed at men or aimed at people who were very knowledgeable and confident about mixology.”

While sitting on the couch one day, it hit Schaefer what she needed to do about this. She said out loud- “Missologist.” Then she got to work- creating a website, planning out boxes, starting a Youtube channel, etc. She knew she had something good because even her Mother was excited about it. “She’s never excited about my business ideas. So I know this was a hit.”

Schaefer quickly found that running a subscription box business had a steep learning curve, but as is her way, she jumped in and took on the challenge. She also watched in amazement as her Youtube Channel grew quickly and started attracting thousands of viewers. “I’m not one to stop when things get tough or scary. We definitely had some bumps in the road, but I can confidently say now that things are smooth and fun.”

Schaefer decided to create offshoots of her main box and now has a Movie box and a Paint and Sip box. She also offers corporate boxes and custom boxes for events. as well as virtual cocktail making sessions. She’s excited to see where Missologist goes and she’s even considering starting other boxes. “You know, my brain is always going, so I’m thinking of a box for female lawyers and a box for this and that.” Her first priority is teaching women how to mix though. “Oh yeah, I want us to miss it up! Get out there and start making cocktails. It doesn’t have to be a men’s club.”

You can find her boxes at www.missologist.com and on Cratejoy. Her Youtube Channel is Missologist.

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