Fall into a fairy tale: VICTORAGE gaming chair Crown series Purple Bunny Edition Review

June 17 22:30 2022
Fall into a fairy tale: VICTORAGE gaming chair Crown series Purple Bunny Edition Review

When it comes to VICTORAGE gaming chair, which chair must be mentioned? For VICTORAGE fans, the answer is obvious, that should be the purple princess one. As a result, this edition is very popular among girls and always goes out of stock quickly. With this in mind, VICTORAGE released their latest purple chair – Bunny Edition in February. And so glad to have the opportunity to review this chair.

Everybody knows that purple has always been a symbol of ‘fantasy’, and VICTORAGE has cleverly used the colour principle by choosing a combination of dreamy purple and pure white in its colour scheme. Also, almost every girl had a dream of owning a cute rabbit in their childhood, and VICTORAGE’s design concept of combining colour and animal iconography has resulted in such a chair that suits most girls’ aesthetics perfectly.

To be honest, it is not difficult to assemble the chair, even a girl can handle this. So those who live alone don’t have to worry about it. The overall shape is the same as VICTORAGE Crown series, including a thick backrest and a wide seat base. People who are used to sitting cross-legged will love it. It also comes with all the necessary components a reliable gaming chair needs. It has a firm cushioning, premium spare parts and curves that align well with the natural contour of the human back.

Everything from the fabric to the chair frame feels worthy of its price tag. The build quality is excellent, unsurprising considering the chair is made of solid metal, memory foam, and premium PU leather. It’s certainly not something that will give way over time.

As a conclusion, in addition to its unique and attractive appearance, this series maintains the high standard of performance, comfort and materials that VICTORAGE always upholds. This will definitely lead to a new wave in the gaming world. For more details, please check the official website of VICTORAGE, the official ins/fb/twitter/linkedin account and the official Amazon store.

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