Bruna Rocha Shares Her Story Of Healing From Abuse and Thriving in Life Through Holistic Practices

June 20 14:38 2022
Holistic coach Bruna Rocha shares her life story while raising awareness about the techniques that helped her heal from traumas related to physical and verbal abuse to live life to the fullest.

Holistic Intimacy & Relationship coach Bruna Rocha is highly proactive about helping people grow and thrive through techniques that have also helped her on her healing journey. She shares her story, and how to overcome the pain and resentment by serving others through her accountability groups, couples, and one-on-one coaching sessions, so they can also find their voice and strength to build a mindful, fulfilled life with themselves and others.

With her primary area of expertise being nutrition, and fitness, Bruna dedicated years to studying, learning, and understanding human relationships and intimacy with itself and others.

Some of her most effective techniques to help people heal includes Tapping – Emotional Freedom Technique, Soul Mobility Flow, Law of Attraction, and the Hawaiian aborigine’s traditional practice of Ho’oponopono. She guides her students on the path Which allows people to forgive and shift their beliefs and narrative, allowing them to move forward.

Bruna Rocha made an official statement for the press “Having traveled the world for more than eight years, I have learned many effective techniques and holistic practices that have helped me heal from my abusive past. After suffering psychological abuse from my mother in my early life, I have also spent many years working as a dancer and an exotic performer, which created a facade instead of helping me. This armor was not only protecting me but also stopping me from love and being loved.”

She added, “Needless to say; the entertainment industry was very controlling and exploitative. And in an abusive romantic relationship. The cycle kept repeating itself. The only way for me to find true healing was by starting a transformative journey through holistic practices and finding my soul strength and purpose in life.” In the past, Bruna Rocha has also facilitated live summits and workshops in person in Thailand and Croatia, where people felt safe to be vulnerable and honest about their fears of intimacy, even with themselves, let alone with others.

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