Ensure a stress-free retirement with NetNet Financial

July 23 13:48 2022
Determining the amount of money needed for a comfortable retirement is challenging. NetNet Financial has helped people build financial security and plan for retirement for over 30 years.

NetNet Financial and its president, Paul Hubbard III, have helped clients build financial security and retire confidently for more than 36 years. Located in Stockbridge, Georgia, the retirement planning firm offers various financial planning services to help its clients build a lifelong income.

Most Americans spend their lives working toward retirement, but it requires more than simply putting money in a savings account. The average retirement age is 66, but the average life expectancy is now 78, so people need to plan for at least 12 years post-work. Unfortunately, it can be tricky to determine how much retirement income is necessary, and most people don’t save enough. 

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report in 2017 showing the median retirement savings for Americans ages 55 to 64 was just over $107,000. While this sounds significant, that translates to a monthly payment of just $310. 

Furthermore, Social Security is unreliable — it’s only guaranteed to be fully funded through 2035, then it will drop to being 75 percent funded. As a result, people already drawing from Social Security may see payments drop, and new retirees may not get any money. Financial experts believe there will be more than 78 million Americans ages 65 and older by 2035, which means more people will be drawing money from the fund, but fewer people will be contributing to it.

These statistics are sobering, but there is hope. With sound financial planning, people can ensure they’ll have enough savings to retire comfortably and confidently. 

Work with a professional to build life-long retirement income

NetNet Financial offers various financial planning services and custom retirement income plans that build wealth for its clients. For instance, the firm can help its clients protect their retirement assets, so they can move forward without taking unnecessary risks.  

There’s a nearly 70 percent chance that someone 65 and older will need some type of long-term care, the cost of which keeps rising — in 2021, assisted living facility rates increased 4.65 percent. NetNet Financial builds these costs into every retirement strategy and works with hybrid insurance plans that make the funds available for withdrawal if they are needed. 

Many people want to leave an inheritance for their families; NetNet Financial can help them double their legacy while preparing for impending costs associated with funeral planning.


Financial planning for the post-work phase of life is essential. Work with a professional like NetNet Financial to ensure a stress-free retirement.

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