“Eureka moment!”: How Research Mentors Are Prepping Young Scholars For The Ivy Leagues

July 23 14:00 2022
Eureka Program is a unique online research program exclusively designed for students who want to excel in their academic research.

“My greatest pleasure is when students have that ‘A-ha’ or ‘Eureka’ moment,” said one of the research mentors from the Eureka program, “when they see the thrill that, after numerous false attempts and days of hard work, they have finally solved a real research problem.”

Indeed, the Eureka Program is all about the “Eureka” moments in research. 

Different from most summer programs in the US, Eureka Program is an online research program designed for the “big research heads” worldwide. Its mission is to help these students prepare for the academic research etiquette by providing them with unparalleled faculty resources from top universities in the U.S.

Out of the over 300 students that have enrolled in Eureka research program since inception in 2017, 70% of them have received admission offers from the Top 30 Universities in the US.  Eureka Program has come up with a research mentorship service that strengthens the student research profile to help them gain the much-coveted admission into their dream school. 

The Eureka Program offers a college level summer research experience, which leads to a great college preparation that cannot be found elsewhere. Based on their strength and passion, they are made to participate in rigorous research training and given the tools to strengthen their academic writing skills. 

The greatest benefit of doing research is showing colleges that not only can the high school student do college level work, they can also do work at an even higher level. In each summer, there are students who end up with research publications and invitations to international conferences. Additionally, the experience is valuable in preparing students for the rigors and challenges of college; students learn how to read advanced material and how to budget their time. These skills are valuable assets in future career development.

How is the research training structured? According to the Eureka mentors, “The current structure is designed to maximize what busy students can do in a short period of time. students can choose group sessions or individual meetings. It is wonderful to have such a small class so this level of individualized attention is possible. Each student will come up with their individual research topics to work on, and the mentors will help them develop a great research project.”

Despite getting personalized research mentorship from faculties in top universities, Eureka students are allowed to build relationships with professors from top colleges. 

Student Rac, who participated in the Eureka Program in 2021 and got admission to Stanford, talks about what the program taught her. “I came to understand how to communicate with university professors. In the beginning, I chatted with the professor about my interest in Latin, my thoughts on the subject of philosophy, and so on. The professor did not directly provide information, but rather guided my own insights during the chat. This made me feel like a real thinker!”

Professor Bardosh, a world-renown film studies scholar who is teaching at Eureka, remarks that: “The student would have to have great determination and drive to go on to higher education. It is not for someone that wants to learn a short technical course. It is for someone that strives for higher education and knowledge. The student must be prepared and suitable for the program. Diligence, punctuality, and taking the research opportunity seriously. Throughout my time working with Eureka, all of my students have been excellent. It is always a pleasure and a joy working with Eureka.”

Year-round admission into the Eureka Program 2022 is currently underway. More information can be gotten from their website.

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