Certified life coach Edna McCants continues to transform women’s lives this 2022

July 23 15:33 2022
Healing begins within, says life coach Edna McCants, CEO and founder of The Soul Of ME, which leads the charge in reminding women of their internal power.

Leading motivational speaker and life coach Edna McCants, more popularly known as E.Mae, is making waves globally by coaching women on how to find inner peace and teaching them that “healing begins within.”

“Everyone needs the motivation to keep going. I’m here to motivate women. I believe they are the seeds and the source,” explains E.Mae, a full-time educator and CEO of The Soul of ME, a platform that reminds women of their internal power.

Originally from Harlem, E.Mae relocated to Atlanta to pursue her dreams as a motivational speaker. She believes Atlanta had a better opportunity for her chosen career. 

E.Mae has earned a bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science and a master’s degree in Special Education. She always had an interest in how the mind works and has helped many high school students go off to college.

She began to carve out her own name by starting her own business, becoming the first out of her siblings to have one. Today, E.Mae has two journal journey books available in leading e-commerce stores globally, as well as Manifest T-shirts merch.

E.Mae also offers coaching services through Thesoulofme.com and will lead a group coaching course called the Inner Me Academy beginning in September.

“I love to love. Everything I do comes from my heart. I am true to myself, and I don’t pretend to be anyone else. The person you see on Instagram is the person you will meet. I am nurturing, caring, and family-oriented. I love to meditate in nature and sit in solitude,” E.Mae shares.

Through The Soul Of ME, E.Mae tells women that it is important to heal, spend time alone, and acknowledge the wounds to grow.

“There’s so much wealth of power inside, but we can’t discover it until we heal what’s blocking us from getting to it,” explains E.Mae.

Those who want to collaborate with E.Mae may send a direct message right away to get started. Women who want to learn more about what “The Soul of ME” has to offer may visit the website and its social channels for more information.

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