HOW TO BECOME A SUPERSTAR: Passion, Purpose, And Perseverance

July 25 17:15 2022

How to become a superstar teaches about the steps, procedures, and requirements in order to become successful in a specific field or area.

Reading is one of the most intellectually stimulating activities and people who read are usually among the learned and literate class of society. People like to read different books depending on their interests or a subject that aligns with their principles, preferences, and aspirations. Some people like to read about religion, some like to read about politics, some love fiction, and some dive into self-growth and self-help books. There are a plethora of books on self-help, and most of them are among the best-selling categories of all time, which speaks volumes about the popularity of the genre among avid book readers. The popularity and prevalence of self-help books is not a fad; there is a justifiable rationale behind it. Self-help books have transformed the lives of at least some aspects of the lives of individuals. With the same rationale of transforming individuals’ lives, David Lee’s book HOW TO BECOME A SUPERSTAR: Passion. Purpose. Perseverance teaches individuals about the steps, procedures, and requirements to become successful in a specific field or area. The book explains the superstar formula, which is a combination of 3P’s: passion, purpose, and perseverance to help individuals achieve their dreams and aspirations and become a superstar in the world.

In a technologically advanced world, individuals are overly connected, and children are glued to their smartphones through social media for an unhealthy amount of time. Their obsession with social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, is shockingly concerning, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if their screen time was over 10+ hours. This smartphone and social media addiction will cost the youth their future, and they will likely spend the rest of their lives hopeless and ambitionless. However, Lee’s book – HOW TO BECOME A SUPERSTAR – is here to fix this alarming issue. The book is dedicated to creating a solution to the said problem through various techniques including personal experience of the author, lessons, and anecdotes from his life. The book also rolls out the secret superstar formula:  passion + purpose + perseverance. This formula allows youth and children to search for their purpose in life and become a superstar in their chosen fields. David Lee aims to distribute the book throughout schools, libraries, and other public domains to maximize the benefits it offers.

The book “Amazon Best Sellers Highest Ranked #1 in Education Leadership and #6 Children’s Books in Values” and is highly informative, with straightforward instructions on what is needed to be a superstar. It includes practical effective tips and everyday examples for each topic introduced. The themes and graphics of the book are easy to navigate for a child and make the book a short but profound and inspiring book that deserves a read.

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