Lost Lorelei Puts A Spotlight On Sustainable Filipino Craftsmanship

July 25 13:16 2022
Lost Lorelei aims to highlight sustainable Filipino craftsmanship and create an environment-friendly and robust supply chain.

Lost Lorelei, the reputed social enterprise, is on a mission to put a spotlight on sustainable Filipino craftsmanship. They are keen to enhance the skills of Filipino fashion craftsmen through unique designs and quality fabrics.

“We believe that everything we create today needs to have a positive impact on our future,” says the spokesperson for Lost Lorelei. “We work hand-in-hand to build our own sustainable supply chain. We put our makers at the heart of our organization, which is why they have the option to work from home.”

The company ensures they produce their collections that include women’s fashion of various types in limited runs to meet demand and reduce any excess. With a firm commitment to contributing to environmental change and sustainability, Lost Lorelei works only with natural fabrics. They absolutely stay away from all forms of plastics. They also opt for dead stock whenever possible.

The company has set a high standard in the areas of quality, design, and construction of its sustainable fashion products. This ensures the creation of durable merchandise that can last for a long time in all seasons.

Lost Lorelei ensures that all orders are sent out in mailer bags made from 100 percent biodegradable and compostable materials.

“Not only do we send orders packaged sustainably, but we also do not accept stock wrapped in single-use plastic,” the spokesperson further states. “This is a huge step for us as a small business, and we strive to continuously build upon our sustainably conscious practices.”

The Australian fashion company promises to remain ever-evolving and find newer ways of developing and implementing sustainability in its processes.

Clients can visit the Instagram handle @lostlorelei to learn more about what they offer.

For more information, visit the company’s official website www.lostlorelei.com

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