Turkey Visa Application Online offers a fast Visa application process which can be completed by following a three-step

July 25 16:26 2022

Turkey Visa Online is an electronic travel authorization implemented by the Government of Turkey in July 2016. The whole Visa application process via www.turkey-visa-online.org can be completed in just three easy steps. Thus, it has become fast, and easy.

Turkey Visa Application Online

The three-step Turkey e-Visa application process via www.turkey-visa-online.org starts with filling out the Visa application form. Applicants visit this website using a mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Along with the applicant’s details, certain documents must be uploaded during the application process. It can be uploaded directly to the website or through a link provided in the email. An application fee will be charged during this process, which can be paid using a credit or debit card. Once these procedures are completed the application is over.

The next step is to receive the e-Visa after the verification process. The applicant will receive the e-Visa directly to their email, which makes it comfortable for them. It is their choice to take a printout of the e-Visa just for safety. The last step is to enter Turkey with the e-Visa.

Turkey Visa eligibility

Only certain visa waiver countries are eligible to apply for Turkey Visa Online to enter the country. Rest will have to apply for a paper visa via the embassy. The complete list of all the eligible countries from which the citizens can apply for Turkey e-Visa is provided at www.turkey-visa-online.org. To be eligible to apply for Turkey e-Visa, individuals should not have any criminal history and must be in perfect health. Turkey e-Visa comes with a short duration validity of 180 days. An individual can use it to stay for a maximum of 90 days on each visit. Since this e-Visa is eligible for multiple entries, foreigners can use it up on necessity.

Foreigners can use Turkey e-Visa to visit the country for tourism and trade purposes. Those who are planning to visit Turkey for other reasons can opt for a paper Visa. The basic requirements needed for applying for Turkey e-Visa include a valid passport, email address, and credit or debit card. With these things, people can easily apply to obtain an e-Visa within 24 hours. Turkey e-Visa will be electronically linked to the applicant’s passport after the verification is over; thus, there is no need to submit any documents at the airport.

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