WingTips, The Shared Charter Travel Pioneer, Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

July 26 00:54 2022
WingTips, The Shared Charter Travel Pioneer, Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign
WingTips flights make trips of 100 to 400 miles possible in a professionally flown, luxury business aircraft and currently operate in California, Nevada, and Arizona. WingTips’ equity crowdfunding campaign is now live on Wefunder, and investments start at $100.

Temecula, CA – July 25, 2022 – Personal Airline Exchange, Inc. (DBA WingTips TM), a pioneer in Regional Air Mobility has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on WeFunder to raise $2.5 million with investments starting at $100. Operating since June 2021 in California, Arizona, and Nevada, WingTips has proven the existence of a robust market for “WingTips Flights”. Through an integration of advanced technology and optimized flight operations, WingTips provides travelers a completely new travel experience, with the convenience and luxury of private air charter on business aircraft, offered at fares that are in line with First Class tickets on the airlines. This funding campaign will drive the growth of the company into new regions across the US and continue the development of the systems to make the service scale to very large passenger numbers.

WingTips flights make trips of 100 to 400 miles possible in a professionally flown, luxury business aircraft, and travelers only pay for their seat and not the whole aircraft. Instead of driving hours for a trip that lacks airline service, travelers now fly in luxury, getting to their destination four times faster than driving. WingTips also uses General Aviation airports, offering ten times the number of airports to depart and arrive at compared to the airlines.

“WingTips makes regional travel easier, less expensive, faster, more convenient, and even enjoyable,” said WingTips CEO Mike Azzarello. “Whether traveling for business or pleasure, WingTips offers the luxury of private air travel with amenities better than first class but without the high cost of chartering a private aircraft. WingTips is the future of Regional Air Mobility, and we are delivering it today! We make air travel possible to airports that the airlines avoid. For travelers, the concept of a day-trip will take on a whole new meaning. Imagine having a service that is fast and affordable, with schedules that adapt to our clients, that covers hundreds of miles of distance at four times the travel speed of driving or even the airlines, that is WingTips.”

Booking WingTips is as easy as booking a flight on an airline app, and travel is simple, quick, and comfortable. Travelers arrive at airports, valet parks their vehicle for free at a private terminal, and then board their WingTips aircraft – all within 15-20 minutes. Once aboard, travelers experience the comfort and accommodations of private air travel, like oversized and comfortable seats, ample legroom, and only a few other passengers.

WingTips is powered by proprietary artificial intelligence that is the key to delivering convenience and cost savings. WingTips technology dynamically creates routes and schedules based on clients’ requests and use. We call this Crowd Scheduling TM. WingTips is based on multiple complex systems, all integrated to deliver a comprehensive solution. The holistic design approach is what guided us to partner with several leaders in air travel and customer behavior. WingTips is in the certification process with the FAA for a Part 135 Charter Operator certification. This allows the full implementation of advanced flight operations algorithms.

WingTips currently operates in California, Nevada, and Arizona, which is our test market for the system, marketing, and operational practices. The equity crowdfunding campaign on Wefunder drives the expansion of flight services to additional regions, and the continued development of our systems.

“For every $500,000 we raise, we are able to launch a new WingTips region,” said Azzarello. “Our goal with the WeFunder campaign is to learn which regions are looking for WingTips travel now, and build a community of investors who will help us make it happen.”

WingTips’ equity crowdfunding campaign is now live on Wefunder and investments start at $100.

About WingTips:

WingTips is the next evolution in air travel that successfully delivers Regional Air Mobility through the integration of technology and advanced flight operations. With WingTips, regional trips of 100 to 400 miles are possible in a professionally flown business aircraft, and you only pay for your seat, not the whole aircraft. Instead of driving hours for a trip, travel in luxury up to four times faster.

Personal Airline Exchange, Inc. DBA WingTips (WingTips) arranges flights on behalf of its clients (the buyer of charter services), acting as the agent for the client. WingTips contracts for air charter services from FAR Part 135 Air Carriers who exercise operational control of the flights. WingTips is not a direct air carrier.

Personal Airline Exchange, Inc., dba WingTips, is a US DOT Indirect Air Carrier as defined by 14CFR380. Personal Airline Exchange, Inc., on behalf of participants, uses only FAA certificated air carriers to operate all flights and does not own, lease or operate any aircraft. Personal Airline Exchange, Inc. complies with all state and federal laws and all participants are subject to federal, state, and local security and safety laws.

Personal Airline Exchange, Inc. is in the certification process with the FAA for a charter operator certificate under Part 135 of FARs.

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