Brief Introduction of New Energy Lithium Battery Industry Automated Intelligent Three-Dimensional Warehouse

July 26 17:02 2022

With the rise of new energy industry, intelligent logistics system integration has entered the field of new energy lithium batteries, and the new energy lithium battery industry has been firmly identified as the next blue ocean market of logistics equipment system. Intelligent logistics system can help power lithium battery production fast and safe. The storage of new energy products has higher requirements for safety, and fire, explosion and moisture prevention need to be strictly controlled to ensure the safety of personnel, equipment and goods. In this regard, automated intelligent three-dimensional warehouse has emerged. Now, automated three-dimensional warehouse has become a necessary storage equipment in major industries. The powerful function of automated three-dimensional warehouse can improve the internal operation of the warehouse. At the same time, its biggest feature is that it can make more effective use of the internal space of the warehouse and improve the storage capacity of the whole warehouse than ordinary storage shelves. The automatic three-dimensional warehouse does not need to reserve space for forklifts in design, and there is no limitation in height, so its space utilization can be significantly improved.

Of course, with the urgent need of warehousing, the warehousing industry, warehousing experts and warehousing manufacturers are also rising. So in the face of many warehousing manufacturers, how do we choose?

Hagerls is a three-dimensional warehouse storage shelf company dedicated to the product research and development, design, production, sales and installation services of automated three-dimensional warehouses and storage shelves. It has been committed to the intelligent storage industry for more than 20 years, with headquarters in Shijiazhuang and Xingtai production bases, and sales branches in Bangkok, Thailand, Kunshan, Jiangsu and Shenyang. It has a production and R & D base of 60000 square meters, 48 world advanced production lines, and more than 300 people in R & D, production, sales, installation and after-sales, including nearly 60 people with senior technician and senior engineer titles. The company’s products cover automated three-dimensional warehouses, fully automated intelligent dense warehouses, stacker three-dimensional warehouses, four-way shuttle vehicle three-dimensional warehouses, child parent shuttle vehicle three-dimensional warehouses, three-dimensional warehouse shelves, shuttle shelves, high shelves, steel structure loft platforms, steel loft shelves, warehouse storage shelves, medium-sized shelves, heavy shelves, beam shelves, corridor shelves, fluent shelves, cantilever shelves, logistics handling equipment Modular containers, tool storage equipment, workshop working position equipment, workshop isolation equipment, aerial work equipment, intelligent warehousing system, WMS warehousing management system, WCS warehouse control system, system integration, etc. in addition, haggis Hegels also focuses on the production and manufacturing of xinnengxing automated three-dimensional warehouse, which is designed to provide new energy enterprises and enterprises with automated three-dimensional warehouse solutions that can increase revenue and expenditure and effectively improve warehousing management.

Hercules hegerls – where the advantage lies

1. Door to door measurement

The designer can carry out door-to-door measurement and installation according to the address provided by the customer, communicate face-to-face with the customer, record the customized size required by the customer, and select the storage shelf for the customer.

2. Design storage scheme

According to the measured data, the designer designs multiple sets of CAD scheme drawings on the computer management system, and designs according to the requirements of customers to ensure customer satisfaction.

3. Door to door installation

Hegels storage has professional installation personnel, so customers can rest assured that the goods will really help you get home.

4. Reasonable price

From the purchase of raw materials to the production process and product packaging, the cost is reduced to the extreme through layer by layer optimization to ensure the quality, and the raw materials are from large steel bases, with direct selling price. The products are produced with advanced automatic equipment, saving manpower.

Hagerls – Liangliang’s production equipment

1. High quality national standard steel

In terms of production equipment, hagerls is made of large-scale national standard advantageous steel, so the shelf life of the manufactured goods will be longer and the quality will be better.

2. Automatic rolling machine

The rack produced by Hergels storage has a small hole position error, and it is easy to disassemble and install. The line is flat without concave and convex, the bending is even, and the force is balanced. Therefore, it also plays a role in reducing potential safety hazards.

3. Spraying equipment

Hagerls adopts national standard spraying equipment, which can not only make the surface smooth and beautiful, but also play a role in corrosion prevention, and there is no irritating odor.

4. Welding robot

Hagerls adopts a fully automatic welding robot, which makes the welding more full, the structure more firm, and is not easy to break. All of them have passed the safety test.

5. Sufficient inventory

The workshop has a variety of automatic production equipment and skilled technicians, all of which are standardized and systematic testing tools to ensure that the products are high-quality products.

Hegerls – Qualification list quality assurance

It is also the focus of Hergels on the warehousing industry, so the automated intelligent three-dimensional warehouses in the new energy industry produced by Hergels will also be different from those of other warehousing manufacturers.

Hagerls – automated three-dimensional library of new energy

New energy automated warehouse, in short, refers to the automated warehouse applied in the new energy industry. According to the planning requirements of the customer company, through the overall material management planning, realize the automatic and seamless connection of the production process, realize the rational utilization of storage space, the automation of warehousing and warehousing handling operations, and the computerization of inventory and equipment monitoring and management fees, so that computers can replace people in production management to reduce the risk of errors, and the unmanned production line makes battery production more efficient, safer and more reliable. The automatic management software of the system supporting software is composed of equipment control system (WCS) and information management system (WMS). In order to ensure that the automated warehouse system can cooperate with production to achieve the purpose of high efficiency, fast, convenient and error free.

Automated three-dimensional warehouse is a multi-layer elevated intelligent warehouse system for storing goods. It is an important part of the rapid development of modern logistics system. It is a complex automatic system composed of three-dimensional shelves, track roadway stacker, in and out tray conveyor system, robot, size detection bar code reading system, communication system, automatic control system, computer monitoring system, computer management system and other auxiliary equipment, It can automatically complete the storage of goods according to instructions, and can automatically manage the inventory location, which has played a major role in modern enterprises.

Hagerls – main components of new energy three-dimensional warehouse:

1. High rise shelf: a steel structure used to store goods. At present, there are mainly two basic forms of welded shelves and combined shelves.

2. Pallet (container): an appliance used to carry goods, also known as a station appliance.

3. Roadway stacker: equipment used for automatic access to goods. According to the structural form, it is divided into two basic forms: single column and double column; According to the service mode, it is divided into three basic forms: straight road, curve and transfer vehicle.

4. Conveyor system: the main peripheral equipment of the automated three-dimensional warehouse, which is responsible for transporting goods to or from the stacker. There are many kinds of conveyors, such as track conveyor, chain conveyor, lifting table, distribution car, elevator, belt conveyor, etc.

5. AGV system: i.e. automatic guided trolley. According to its guiding mode, it is divided into induction guiding car and laser guiding car.

6. Automatic control system: that is, the automatic control system that drives all kinds of equipment in the automated three-dimensional warehouse system. At present, the field bus control mode is mainly used.

7. Warehouse management system: also known as the central computer management system, it is the core of the automated three-dimensional warehouse system. It is mainly composed of warehouse in operation, warehouse out operation, query operation, system management, system help and other modules. At present, the typical automated three-dimensional warehouse system adopts large-scale database system to build a typical client / server system, which can be networked or integrated with other systems.

Hagerls – shelf application of new energy three-dimensional warehouse:

1. Automatic production and testing of new energy batteries;

2. Dense high temperature storage;

3. Automatic conveying and sorting.

Hagerls – advantages of new energy automated three-dimensional library:

1. Unmanned: the seamless connection of all kinds of handling machinery realizes the unmanned operation of the whole warehouse, so as to reduce labor costs and avoid the hidden dangers of personnel safety and the risk of goods damage.

2. Informatization: information identification technology and supporting software realize the informatization management inside the warehouse, which can grasp the inventory dynamics in real time and realize rapid scheduling; WMS and WCs are used to connect the whole warehouse equipment to achieve intelligent management and transparent data, which can effectively reduce unnecessary inventory waste and effectively reduce the inventory burden.

3. Intensive: the storage height can reach more than 20m, the roadway and cargo space are almost the same width, and the high-level intensive storage mode greatly improves the land utilization rate

4. Economization: it has many advantages, such as saving land and reducing labor intensity, which greatly saves various costs, effectively reduces the backlog of working capital, and improves logistics efficiency.

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