Heather Dempsey uses a unique behavioral assessment to discover deep-rooted patterns; helping people breakthrough and grow

July 27 00:39 2022
Heather Dempsey, a therapeutic coach, is changing lives around the world through her unique behavioral assessment tool that identifies personality traits.

Venice, Florida, USA – Heather Dempsey, a Florida-based therapeutic business coach, uses a unique and truly innovative assessment to uncover the deep-rooted issues at the conscious and unconscious levels. The framework has delivered proven results for people looking to change their lives and tap into their unlimited potential.

The cutting-edge technology offers breakthrough results in just 90 minutes. “This process offers lasting results, taking unconscious and making it conscious, then diving in even deeper with my Repatterning Method to repattern the subconscious and align it to desired goals and experiences,” said Heather, a Certified Therapeutic Coach and Hypnotherapist.

Often it has been observed that underlying issues that haven’t been discovered or haven’t been dealt with deep enough are the reasons for a persistent problem. This assessment identifies the exact area where the quickest breakthrough is possible, stimulating deep conversations and self-awareness to achieve long-lasting transformation.

“Through this unique technology, a non-biased science, personality traits and characteristics are identified, how they relate to one another and how that relationship is impacting individual’s experience,” said Heather. “Conversation with me uncovers areas that are hindering a breakthrough. This, coupled with my Repatterning Method process, offers incredible results for individuals,” she noted.

This tool, backed by six decades of research, helps people understand the different layers of their personalities and offers key insights into areas that need attention. It brings forth the roadblocks, and consulting a certified coach, and facilitator educator can reveal ways to deal with the hindrances to break free and achieve their goals.

For more information, visit www.heatheradempsey.com. Click here to set up a complimentary connection call.

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