From Poverty to a New Life of Prosperity

August 02 16:42 2022

Yvonne Ornelas, Founder of Yvonne Ornelas Agency

Yvonne Ornelas was born and raised in Bakersfield, California. She currently resides in San Diego, CA. Yvonne grew up in a BARRIIO called “LA LOMA” meaning “the hill” on the East side of Bakersfield. Her parents were teenagers when they got married and they only made it up to the Ninth grade, never finishing High School. Yvonne’s parents had a total of 8 children by the time they were 23 years old. Six children survived and she was second to the oldest and the only girl raised with 5 brothers. Her father was a Construction worker and the only provider in their home. Her father bought his first house at the age of 23 for their family. When she reached Jr. high, Yvonne’s father went to Prison for 2 yrs. He had his battles with alcohol. As a family, they received government assistance throughout different phases of their lives, with no father in the picture for 2 yrs. Things began to take changes. Yvonne grew up in the kind of environment no kid should have to go through. Her surroundings were infested with drugs, crime, dealers, addicts, ex-convicts and gangsters. To Yvonne, at her age, she saw this as the normal way of living. People struggling, people on drugs, living in poverty, being involved in criminal activity, and suffering. It was the raw reality of POVERTY and what people did to survive or feed their habits. Growing up, realizing she had become a product of her own environment, she had experienced some serious brushes with the law. Yvonne wanted a better way of living, and had no idea how she would accomplish that. She knew that she had a knack for learning & reading. Reading helped Yvonne to escape the reality of her life. She found herself with no direction, lost, and without a purpose. No one ever told her why she needed an education.

Yvonne’s parents were still children raising children doing the best they knew how with the education they had. Her parents could not help her with homework because they didn’t understand it. There were alot of things Yvonne’s parents didn’t understand so she struggled to get answers directly. Growing up was a struggle, but Yvonne managed to keep learning every chance she got. School was an outlet to get away and do something different and interesting. Yvonne’s parents divorced by the time she reached the age of 17. Hell broke loose and everything began to change like a whirlwind that hit her hard and sent her spinning in circles. Things began to take a turn for the worse, one episode after another. Yvonne knew when this tornado was over, she would become a different person from within. Today as she looks back, Yvonne looks back to a decision she made 5 years ago to make some serious changes with her life and to re-establish right here in San Diego. She saw the greatest opportunities and took advantage of them.

Yvonne first enrolled in San Diego City College to become a certified paralegal just because of her experiences and brushes with the law. She had her daughter with her and was eventually able to rent their own apartment. Yvonne started researching how to increase her income and joined several different groups and finally focused on Mike Barron’s Closer Academy. She was impressed by his courage, inspiration & education. Yvonne learned that the knowledge Mike shared and taught was the potential key to her creating her own path and ultimately to becoming successful. He was the missing key to creating a better lifestyle and she automatically believed in him. His spirit gave her a good vibe and with his support, she has created her own Agency. In Yvonne’s life today, she is now in the process of creating a Rental Car Agency and is also a member of the “Drive your Dream Car for Free Academy”!

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